WinTube website Review?

WinTube is the most popular site online to earn money by watching videos as an everyday activity you do online. Earn cash when you watch exciting videos. Then, you’ll be able to receive cash through Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and many more options. Wintub has already made payments to its members. Cash in your wallet. Join today for a free membership. “

I am extremely skeptical of the mechanism for the remuneration offered by wintub. It is all about high-value rewards for little items.

What is WinTube website?

Wintub is an online platform that claims to pay its users to watch videos. Members can sign up free and receive videos to enjoy. They also offer an affiliate program in which you’ll be the amount for every new customer that you introduce. A search for domain names on the site revealed that the name was originally registered on the 12th of March 2020. There is no information regarding the registry’s name, address or location is available because it is protected for privacy reasons. The site is extremely sparse in terms of details and does not include anything regarding payout limits or referral requirements that are mandatory.

Wintub does not have a social media presence. There are no contact details available aside from an email ID. According to the information available it is possible to conclude that Wintub is a scam. Even although the site claims they have received payments, however, users do not agree with this claim. There is no contact information given and the email address that is provided is in error. It could be that the site’s owner earns money by having other people watch the videos and then running advertisements on the site. It’s not looking like Wintub is reliable.

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It is highly doubtful that Wintub actually pays. Perhaps they have only a few customers to prove their site is authentic. There is no way to make any money or rewards with this website. We examine numerous reviews on the internet and were surprised to see several complaints against these websites. After reviewing a myriad of games and apps I am aware of what they do. According to the data available, it could be conclusively concluded that Wintub is a scam. But it is not conclusively proven.

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Is Wintub Scam or Legit?

Scam. A huge fraud. I was earning $1.2 dollars per day watching five videos. After two months or more, I accumulated $56. (You require at least 80 $ to withdraw funds using PayPal). One day, when I logged into Wintub, my reward was drastically reduced. In the end, I got $0.03 instead of the $1.2 dollars I earned every day.

If you compute using the new reward of 0.03 dollars a day, you will need at least one month to earn $1 dollar. ( 1 0.03 / 0.03 = 33.33 * 34 days). In my example. I’m still waiting for 24$ to get to $80. This means that I’ve seen 5 videos every throughout the next two years(24 months) until I reach the $80 dollar mark.

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