What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

Programming languages ​​have become very popular nowadays. With the help of programming language, you can put your vision in a form that means you can take it into the virtual world.

You will find many courses online and offline, but then people do not understand which programming language they should choose, so today we have brought this guide for such people who are worried that which language they have to choose and What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn First?.

Introduction Of Programming

You can start coding as a hobby, as a career, or for improving your existing job. The first thing you need to do is to choose the programming language that you would like to use and that will help you to grow further.

There is no one right answer. The type of projects you are interested in, the people you work for, and how easy it is to learn will all affect your choice of a first language. This guide should help you decide which language to study.


Python should be your first programming language. Python is easy to learn for beginners and doesn’t require you to memorize complex syntax rules. This makes it easy to get a good understanding of programming practices and not have to worry about the small details that are important in other languages.

Python is also ideal for web development, GUIs, and software development. It was used to create Instagram, YouTube, Spotify. Therefore, it is in high demand by employers and has a quicker onboarding process.

Although Python has its advantages, it is also slow and requires more testing than other languages. It is therefore not practical for creating mobile apps.

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Although C is one of the most difficult languages to learn it’s an excellent language for beginners. It supports almost all programming languages. It’s easy to learn C# once you have learned C.

C is more machine-level, so it’s great to learn. Joel Spolsky, a software developer, compares it with understanding basic anatomy to become a doctor. This makes it an efficient way to code.

C can be a great choice to develop your skills as a coder and developer if you are willing to accept the challenge.


Java, an object-oriented programming language with a lot of features, is in high demand. It was built on the principle of “Write once and run anywhere”, meaning it can be used on any device and cross-platform.

It is one of the most sought-after (yes, we mean highly-paid) languages. This language is a great choice if you are looking for a career that will allow you to use your Java programming skills to make a difference.

Java is also used frequently for Android and iOS app developers because it is the foundation of the Android operating systems. This makes Java one of the most popular choices if you are looking to create mobile apps.

Although Java may be more difficult than Python, it is still a high-level language that is relatively easy to learn. It is slow to start and it will take more time for beginners to deploy their first project.


JavaScript is another popular language. JavaScript is used by many websites, including Twitter, Gmail, and Spotify.

It communicates with HTML/CSS, making it a must-have for adding interactivity to websites. It is essential for both front-end and consumer-facing websites.

However, it is becoming more important in the back-end and increasing in demand. JavaScript is a popular choice for test automation frameworks. It is the backbone of frameworks such as Nightwatch.JS and Protractor.JS.

JavaScript is already integrated into browsers so there’s no need to install it. It’s also the easiest language to set up. This has the downside that JavaScript is interpreted differently by different browsers. You’ll need extra testing and may experience issues with responsive design when compared to server-side scripts.

Although Javascript is not as difficult as Python, it is still not as simple as Python. This Javascript tutorial will help you if Javascript seems difficult.


Ruby has a similarity to Python in that it is one of the easiest languages to learn for those with no programming experience. It doesn’t require you to be fluent in a programming language or command syntax to use it. There are many libraries and tools available that can help you.

The amazing full-stack framework Ruby On Rails is a big reason why people love Ruby. It is increasingly popular with startups and enterprise solutions. Ruby on Rails is used to build many websites, including Airbnb, Groupon, and Hulu. Ruby also has a large developer community.

Its popularity is due to its ease of use for small businesses. Ruby may not be able to scale across large systems and may struggle with larger websites. Ruby can be very easy to learn. However, Ruby on Rails will offer the most opportunities. This may slow down your learning curve if it was just for you to build a website.

Then, which programming language is best to learn?

Looking for something simple? Python
To build a solid foundation for your career as a developer, C
Looking for a job? Java
To try front-end programming, Javascript
If your startup needs programming: Ruby
Roger Collier stresses that programming, even with Python, is difficult no matter which strategy you choose. It will be difficult to start, but it is possible to become very good at it. He also suggested that coders are unique because they have an innate ability to take on the challenge of learning a skill that other people may not be able to.

Collier, a Javascript enthusiast, says that Learning programming can be hard. That’s why he likes it.

Programming knowledge is an asset, especially for testers. As the QA industry requires test automation more frequently, programming skills are becoming increasingly important. T.J. Maher argues that code learning is the best way to get into test automation. You must continue to practice the code even after you feel you have mastered it.

Maher stated, “The most important thing to remember is to continue practicing code even after you are hired as a tester automation engineer.“ “Learning is a never-ending process.”

It doesn’t matter which language you choose, it is a good idea to not stop learning the first one. The best programmers are proficient in multiple languages. The rest will be much easier once you have learned one.

You can start automating tests in these languages by reading the Selenium test guides, or our eBook on how to move from manual testing to automated testing.

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