Top 5 Jobs of Data Entry and 25k Salary for Students?

Hello friends if your age was more than 12 years then you are eligible for doing this work which I am going to tell you in this article because this work is only for that person who is 12th pass or who knows how to do data entry work.

Today I am going to share and top 5 companies’ job opportunity for you where you can do work of PowerPoint, MS Excel, Typing Work and Etc and let me give you a reminder that these five job opportunity was very recent like this company’s post is this five jobs just yesterday.

How to Get Data Entry Job For Students?

First of all, let me tell you that I am sharing the top 5 companies’ job requirement opportunities and there is no limits like more than 50,000+ vacancies are available so you don’t need to be worry about you will get this job or not.

You can I do work from home job also or either you belong to that particular City then, of course, you may go to their office and join offline job also. And a minimum monthly salary will start from 22,000 to go up to 30,000 monthly.

Nowadays we all know that getting and government job is the toughest thing that ever going right now. And almost government sector job was going to be a private job sector so you can’t compare both of the sectors because they will give you same salary.

Top 5 Jobs of Data Entry and 25k Salary for Students?

Very first job is about data entry job and if you know a little bit of information about data entry then believe me guys this job is only for you because in the requirement section this job didn’t post any requirements. Also, you can earn almost 2,00,000 rupees salary per annum which is quite good for beginners and This Job is coming from Pune City so You can contact with Company to get Work From Home Job and the link is given below.

Job 1 Link:

The major factor about getting a job into this company is that this company is requirements to mention graduation so if you are not a graduate or if you are just it will pass then you can also apply for this job and maybe you will get this job soon.

Job 2 Link:

Also this all jobs didn’t mention many requirements like if you have basic knowledge about how to do typing work or data entry work then might be more enough chances that you will grab this job soon as possible.

Job 3 Link:

The Basic skills you should know before getting this job is you should know how to use a control computer like operating computer is must necessary thing to get any job and another thing is about English speaking you should understand or speak in the English Language.

Job 4 Link:

All 5 companies which I am mentioned your was verified through so you don’t worry about any scam or fraud and if any of these 5 companies will ask you about security amount then don’t pay any single money to these companies.

Job 5 Link:

And you will also get a part-time job like this job you can do from your home that’s why it’s called a work from home job and this is a very basic job of computer operators like Microsoft office and data entry this both skills you should know also so if you know how to do data management then believe me guys this job is a golden opportunity for you.


So if you have read this whole article you may know that I have shared direct top 5 job companies link where you can register or apply for this job, I hope guys this article will help you for getting a part-time job.

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