Top 5 Best Survey Sites to make money online

Before I tell you about the Top 10 Survey Sites to make money online, before that I have a question for you, do you have patience? If not, you can leave this Blog unread.

Because you have to be patient for earn money from the internet. If you have a yes answer, this episode of make money online tips is presented in Top 10 Survey Sites which is 100% trusted. Survey website as you can earn your pocket money easily by a part-time job.

Top 5 Best Survey Sites to make money online

Friends If you want to make money online from the survey site, there are Survey sites India a lot on the Internet that gives you money in exchange for part-time work. But if your dream is to make a lot of money, this survey website can’t earn you a lot. But it gives you a chance to make money that’s all you need.

You will get to know how little you can do in a month by completing these surveys and what the best survey website is through this article. So let’s know about the top survey websites and also know how much money we can earn online in a month by a part-time online job.

Friends, all the trusted survey website that runs on the Internet means to say all over the world through their sites. And survey company conducts surveys as per the client’s requirements.

Suppose an institution wants to know the opinion of the people of India on a subject, only the people of India can participate in such a survey. And when such a survey is conducted online, the company pays the commission in return to the person participating in the survey. The company commissions only those who are members of the company and participate in the survey.

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1. Timebucks

Timebucks is a Reward website with some Tasks or tasks that are paid according to them on completion, Timebucks can join and earn money for free. Timebucks website I get many more features through which more money can go from Timebucks, first of all, we will know how to login to this website.

Timebucks surveys are a kind of question-answer game in which you have to give feedback about a Company or its product as well as some questions related to your life in the survey. Survey timebox is the highest-paid Point, Surveys if you answer the questions I ask without thinking or wrong, your survey is canceled or you don’t get the money.

Website Link:

2. LifepointsPanel

If you’re new, you should Use this LifepointsPanel Online Survey site because it’s a survey site that you can easily make money using. The LifepointsPanel company was started in the name of Lightspeed. Litespeed is a very old company that was built to help people, and the company is a very old and very TRusted company.

LifePoints Panel Company is based in 70 countries around the world and has more than 5,000,000 people worldwide. It accesses the company’s product to the people through Online Survey and checks people’s likes and dislikes. There is no fraud with you in this company and the Lifepoints panel of your Privacy policy is also safely checked so that you don’t have to bear any damage. You join only with the Link below.

Website Link: LifepointsPanel

3. Xcel-Online Surveys

Xcel Online Surveys is an Indian website. Which is a company of Sant Nagar in New Delhi. On this website, you get a lot of surveys that you can complete and make money. You get some points when you complete the survey. E.g. 15, 25, 30 in this way. In this, you get 1 rupee of 1 point. That means if you complete a 15-point survey, you get Rs. 15 in the name of 15 points.

It is very easy to make money from this website. You get some survey every day and on completing each survey you get a few points and as I just told you you get Rs. 1 for each point. And as soon as you have 100 points complete you can take your money to Paytm. It may take 15 days for you to get the money.

But I’ve got my payment in 2 days which you can see proof of. Coming to this website, I was very happy with this website. Because one is the website of India and the other is that we get money in Paytm.

Website Link: Xcel-OnlineSurveys

4. ySense

ySense (Clixsense old name) is a US Based Company. It has been running Online Earning Programs continuously since 2007. You can User Free Registration for a full World. It has successfully Online Payment of more than $4 Billion US. And there are more than 7 Million Registered Members.

It Offers ways to Online Income in many ways. Like Paid Survey, Completing Task,s, and Offers, etc. Because I myself have received constant Payment through it in my Bank Account. Therefore, it is completely trustworthy and reliable.

ySense already has a contract with a lot of Survey Routers. So, we don’t have to Registration at different Routers to Paid Survey. By Free Registration only on ySense, we automatically Register on many Survey Routers. Any Survey Router/s Do read this before Registration on Panel.

Website Link: ySense

5. Paidera

Let me tell you that it is a (US) company, here you get income in dollars. Because this company also provides service to India, it is very easy to earn from this website in India. Here you can earn income from 10,000-12,000 a month by working 3-4 hours a day. It depends on your work how much work you do if you do a little smart work Or if you spend a little more time here you can earn very good income from here

So friends, first you have to create your account here, I’ll give you the link to the website at the bottom so that you can first get to know it completely and then work on it
To create an account, you need to go to its website and submit your e-mail and easily create an ID by adding a simple first name and last name

Website Link: Paidera


Online Survey Sites to make money online? An attempt has been made to explain through pictures. But, still, if there is any doubt, ask through Comment. Don’t forget to share posts on Social Contact.

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