RojgaarBharat Website Review – Real or Fake?

So friends I am writing this review on behalf of many of my subscribers and views on my YouTube channel they are simultaneously saying to me that give a review about website as this website nowadays is very popular on the internet.

This RojgaarBharat website claims that it is a Government of India website where through initiative towards digital India program this website provides data entry jobs for students to do typing work from their home.

RojgaarBharat Website Review?

Rojgar Bharat is a great platform for those who are looking forward to and job this website claims that it is and website of the Government of India. Also so they have some plans which you can purchase to earn money.

Seriously this guy’s website making fools many people by charging them 300 rupees 600 rupees and 3000 rupees for giving them hope that this website can help students by providing them typing work and this is such a ridiculous job these websites are doing.

Website Link:

As also this website claims that it is 3 years old website but let me tell you guys that recently I check this website domain name and I got information that this website is only three months old.

Should be aware of this kind of fake websites and share these articles with many people so they could be aware and don’t pay any single money e to the website like this which claims that they are a government based websites and giving new jobs.


I know this article can help many people because this review is my hun distributes and believe me guys this is and fake website or don’t waste your hard work money on website like this and be aware.

2 thoughts on “RojgaarBharat Website Review – Real or Fake?”

  1. I don’t think it’s fake I have worked with this website and activate the small plan and I got my payout so I think it’s real one.

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