Website Review Real or Scam? is a platform for writing which claims to pay users to write handwritten articles or writing assignments for freelance writers. When we inspected the website, we saw that the website is genuine. They have integrated all information available on their site. Details about us including FAQ, Terms and conditions the proof of payment, and other vital information are on their website.

The the website appears legitimate. However, when we tried to sign up on the site, we discovered an authentic scam.

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To join noteswriting, you will need fill out an application on the internet or offline. On the application form, you will need to provide the personal information, details about your education along with permanent address information, permanent address details and bank account information for the payment. However, you will need to provide information regarding the security deposit you pay to NotesWriting. Yes, you must make a security deposit of Rs. 13999 to be a member of This Site.

Employers will never ask for payment from their employees for any work. Actually, they should offer us a prepayment amount in order to begin the project. There are numerous genuine freelance websites online. these websites do not require freelancers to pay, and the employer provides advance money to freelancers to start their work. Therefore, if they’re soliciting a deposit in the beginning be aware that it’s a scam.

Website Link: Noteswriting might be legitimate or a scam, however, we will never endorse a website that requires a security deposit. We advise against using this site to make money online.

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