How to Unlock Zoom Account- (2021) Ultimate Master guide

If you cannot access your Zoom Account and want to unlock it, this guide can solve your query. Learn How to Unlock Zoom Account using this step-by-step master guide.

In 2021, most people are now doing their office work at home, and children are not lagging. They are also doing their studies online at home.

Students can communicate with their teachers and can solve their problems by staying at home online. Office Staff can do meetings online. People can share their thoughts with friends and coworkers, and also they can give presentations online.

To do all this work staying at home or elsewhere, we need software. Nowadays, most people use “Zoom” to communicate with their teachers, relatives, friends just like they do on WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp, you will need a phone number to communicate with each other, which is not suitable for Business entities. But Using Zoom software, you can connect with people around you and with people sitting far away from you using only their email.

Zoom is a fantastic video conferencing and teleconferencing software program. Zoom provides the potential for up to 100 people to participate in a meeting,

With remote participants able to see each other’s screens and speak simultaneously, it was developed by Zoom Video Communications headquarters located in California.

Maybe You would also be using “Zoom” to communicate with others like Friends or Co-workers. If your zoom account will not be reachable for you, then what will you do?

Many peoples are reporting that they are facing a problem that their Zoom account got locked, and now they want to know How to Unlock Zoom Account.

So here we will guide you about How to Unlock Zoom Account if your account has been locked or if you want to reset your password and want to access your zoom account, but before going further, we will tell you Why Your Zoom account has been got locked by zoom.

Reason Behind Your Locked Zoom Account

If you have forgotten your “Zoom” account login details and you have also tried all the password combinations to log in to your Zoom account dashboard that you remember.

But you cannot log in to your account, So the Reason Behind Your Locked Zoom Account is if you have entered the wrong password too many times on Zoom’s login page, your zoom account will be locked.

If you put the wrong password on the login page more than seven times, your account will be locked for 30 minutes. You can wait for 30 minutes for the next chance.

There are several ways to unlock a zoom account. To get out of this problem, you will need access to the email associated with your zoom account.

But if you are an Admin or a member of a group in the zoom, you will need Administrator permissions to reset your zoom account password. If you have admin permissions, you can reset your password.

How to Unlock Zoom Account by Reseting Password

Now your Zoom account has been locked by Zoom, which you have to unlock. After the Zoom account is locked, you will need to reset your Zoom account password to access the account.

It is the same password we use to log in to our Zoom account. To reset your log-in password, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you, which you can read below.

First Step – Go to the zoom official page: So firstly open your web browser and search it will let you to the official website of Zoom, Here search and open the zoom sign-in page on your device.

Second Step – Click over Forgot Password: On the next page do click on Forgot password just like the below-shown image.

Third Step – On Forgot Password Page: On this page, you have to provide the email address of your zoom account which you have used to create your zoom account. After entering the email address do solve the “I am not a Robot” captcha. and click on “Send” So that recovery email can come to your Email address.

Fourth Step – Time to check your Mailbox: You will be redirected to a new page that says “We have sent a mail on”.

So wait some time until the password reset link not arrives at your mailbox. The mail will arrive within 3 minutes, and it’s only valid for 24 hours. To quickly reset your password before the link expires.

After Some time, the mail will arrive. Now open up the mail and click on the hyperlink that says “Click Here to Change Your Password.“

Fifth Step – Reset your Password: After clicking on the hyperlink you will be redirected to a new page. Here fill in your new strong password and click the “Save” button.

Now your password has successfully changed, You will be redirected to a new page that says that You Have successfully changed your zoom account password if you have followed and implemented all criteria right.

You will also get a mail from the Zoom team that your account password has been successfully changed.

This mail feature is helpful because you can know someone has changed your account password. It might be you, or someone who accessed your account, with you can learn using that mail.

How to Unlock Zoom Account using Admin Permissions

If the user has tried many times to unlock the locked zoom account and that account did not open. There is another way to unlock the account. Using Admin permissions, you can easily unlock the zoom account.

If you are an Admin and have invited other zoom users to use your zoom account but the user has locked up the account by entering the wrong password too many times on the sign-in page

so, in that case, if you want to solve the user’s problem, then you can unlock that user zoom account by performing some steps on your admin panel.

Below you can read a step-by-step guide on How to unlock Zoom account using admin permissions.

Go to and locate the sign-in page here enter the Admin “Username” and “Password” and simply click on the Login button.

On the left of your device’s screen locate admin and under the admin take your mouse pointer to “User management”. After clicking on “User management” choose the user you wanted to unlock.

After choosing the user by email address. roll over to “edit password” and click on it. Here you will have to type a new password for the other user on both fields So the user can sign in using your newly created password.
You have to pass all the satisfactory marks to create a new password. If you have successfully created a new password do click on” Save Changes”.
Now following all these steps, You can get out the user from its problem. Now the user can quickly sign in using the “Username” and “Password” without any error.

How to unlock Zoom Account using Zoom App

Suppose you wanted to unlock the zoom account using your mobile phone. The process is straightforward. You would have to download the Zoom application on your smartphone and follow the above steps.

If you follow all the steps correctly, you can unlock your zoom account very quickly. If the guide for the computer didn’t work for you or if you do not know How to perform the guide for the computer on your smartphone

then below, you can read a Guide that would help you unlock your zoom account on your smartphone.

Go to Google play store for Android and for iPhone open the App Store and search here Zoom, now click on install.
Once if you have installed Zoom on your smartphone, open it.
Start Page will be displayed on your smartphone, click on the “Sign In” button.
From here click on the “Forgot Password” button.
Here it will ask you to fill in your email address, Enter the email whose password you want to reset, and click on the “Send” button a pop will open, now choose the “Ok” button.

Now login to that email on your smartphone. wait until the email arrives in your mailbox from the zoom.

Open the email, and click on “Click Here to Change Your Password“.
You will be redirected to the “Reset Password” Page, fill up your new password here and simply click on the “Save” button.
Now close all the windows on your smartphone and open the Zoom app, the sign-in page will appear, fill in your email here, and the new password you have created, and click on the sign-in button.

Now You have successfully changed your Zoom account password. Now you have unlocked your zoom account, and you can log in to the Application using the new password.

Final Thoughts

By reading this post, you have now come to know that How to unlock Zoom account of anyone by resetting its account password. You can use this method on both mobile and computer.

If you are an admin & want to unlock your Zoom member’s account, you can also do this.

Whatever methods we talked about here are official and working. You can feel free to use them. If you face any problem while performing these methods on your mobile or computer, you can contact us using the comment box. We will surely help you to solve your problem.

Why is my Zoom account locked?

When you enter the wrong password too many times while logging into Zoom, Zoom locks your account to protect your account. In most cases, if you enter the wrong password 5 to 6 times, then your account will be locked, which can only be unlocked by the owner or creator of that account.

How long will my Zoom account be locked?

We can’t say for how long your Zoom account will be locked because it depends on you whether you unlock your Zoom account or not. To unlock the Zoom account, you will have to reset your Zoom account password only. By resetting your password, you can use zoom like as before you are using.

How to unlock Zoom Account Without Email

If you want to unlock your zoom account without email or email verification, it is not possible. You cannot unlock your zoom account without a registered email. In each solution, you will need your email. But if you want, you can talk to Zoom customer support. Maybe they can help you, but if they fail to help you, you can create a new Zoom account that is very easy to make.

Can we unlock Zoom Account on Mobile?

By applying some steps on your PC, you can unlock your Zoom account. As on PC, you can also unlock your Zoom account on your mobile by using the same PC methods. You will only need a browser to open Zoom’s website on desktop mode. Click on three horizontal dots on the right corner to enable desktop mode, and now tick the desktop mode option. Now you can access all PC options of this website on your mobile.

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