How to Promote ClickBank Products for free on HideoutTV?

Guys I am sharing with you my personal affiliate marketing program promoting free products tutorial, all the tips and tricks I am mentioning here which I use personally so don’t judge this method because it actually works but it’s a time taking method so be patient.

What is HideoutTv?

Friends HideoutTV is an entertainment-based website where peoples publish some funny or mature content this site is basically created for entertainment purposes. If you don’t want to watch more boring content then HideoutTV is the best choice for you.

On this website anyone can sign up and create their free account on hyde-out TV, also this is a similar video sharing platform like YouTube so anyone can create their account and publish entertainment or educational purpose videos on this platform.

How to Make Money From HideoutTV?

I know you all people are reading this article I just because you want to know how could you earn money from hideoutTV.

To make money from HideoutTV we are using the Clickbank affiliate program, it totally depends on your choice you may use any other affiliate program too. I prefer ClickBank because it’s very easy for me to control and manage products and get use commission by promoting them on this type of platform.

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How to Promote ClickBank Products for free on HideoutTV?

It’s a very basic tutorial because in my previous articles I already told you about how to create and Clickbank account so I am not going to waste you are that much time I am simply moving forward that how can you promote Clickbank products on hideoutTV and generate more sales.

Step 1: Search Product on Clickbank.

First of all, sign up on Clickbank and search for health or fitness-related products. I always prefer trending products because it’s very easy for me to target them and sell them in High Tier countries.

Website Link: ClickBank

Step 2: Find Health & Fitness Related Products on ClickBank.

Choose a suitable training fitness for health-related affiliate product on Clickbank. Copy that product description and additional features on the notepad.

Step 3: Upload Affiliate Products Related Video on HideoutTV

The final and most important step is, now you need to find a video that is related to your affiliate product that you’re going to promote.

Website Link: HideoutTV

After that just upload that similar video on hideoutTV, and in that video description, you may add that affiliate product link also mention some additional features of that affiliate product so weavers can get attract and it makes actually sense. So there is a chance that people can buy health or fitness-related products through your affiliate link.


Friends this method works for someone or someone not, because this is a time taking procedure if you think that you will upload thousands of videos on the HideoutTV and promote thousand of products ClickBank in a single day and you will generate millions of dollars then this is not going to happen so I am always saying you that be patient and keep doing hard work.

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