How to Make Money on Instagram by Creating a Motivational Page?

Friends welcome to another wonderful article on the Technoscoob website. As you know, every week I write an incredible article that can help people make money online, and this money is like pocket money for them, but today’s technique is even better.

Yes, you read it correctly; today I’m going to show you how to make money on Instagram by creating a Motivation Page and gaining millions of followers, as well as engagement, which will help you obtain more promotions.

How to Make Money on Instagram by Creating a Motivational Page?

Instagram is the world’s second most popular social media network; many of us enjoy watching Instagram Reel Videos and sharing Funny Memes, but today we’re going to construct a Motivation Instagram Page; do you want to learn how? Simply read through all of the steps that have been provided.

Step 1: First, you must locate a large number of motivational quotes. To do so, we will utilise a website called Brainy Quote, the direct link to which is provided below.

Website Link:

There are many various kinds of Quotes on this website, but because we are working on the Motivation Page right now, we will only pick some Motivation Quotes.

Step 2: Because the quotation we just copied is just in text format, we’ll utilise the Canva website to convert it to an attractive quote image. To do so, go to the Canva website, which has a direct link below.

Website Link:

Now go to Canva and start making some fantastic Motivational Quote Images. Don’t forget to add your Instagram Page Username as a watermark, and then save the image.

Step 3: Finally, we must upload these Quote Images to our Motivation Page, be sure to include Motivational Tags, and post 3-5 Motivation Quotes on your Instagram Page every day.

Website Link:

When your Motivation Page reaches a certain number of Instagram followers, such as 10k or 50k, you will receive Promotion Offers, which may include a fee of 500 rupees or a promotion on your Instagram account narrative.


This is the most amazing Instagram money-making strategy I’ve been utilizing for the past few months; if you work hard and post 5 quotes photographs on your Instagram page every day, I guarantee you’ll be earning more than $20,000 per month in less than 6 months.

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