How to Make Money from YouTube Videos of Tourist Places?

Greetings, Friends! Do you know that Traveling videos on YouTube get millions of views? Many countries offer magnificent tourist attractions, and many YouTubers have created their own tourism YouTube channels in order to profit from them.

I’m sure you’re asking where you can get these films of tourist attractions. Don’t worry, I’ll address all of your problems in this post, so read it thoroughly.

What is the Best Way to Start a Tourist Video Channel?

Freinds There are many tourist attractions in our country, such as the Taj Hotel, the Gateway of India, and many others. All we have to do now is start filming movies of these attractions and uploading them to your YouTube channel.

If you don’t want to expose your face in these Tourist Place movies, or if you don’t want to record them yourself, don’t worry. We’ll show you some tricks so that after following all of the instructions, you’ll be able to make stunning tourist place videos.

How to Make Money from YouTube Videos of Tourist Places

Step 1: Go to the Pixabay website (direct link is provided below). Now, in the Pixabay website’s search box, type in American Tourist Places and then select a Video Section; you’ll get a plethora of Copyright-free videos.

Website Link:

Step 3: Create a new YouTube channel and begin uploading Places videos. Make certain you include the correct title of the YouTube video that is relevant to the Location/Place video.

Website Link:

Step 4: Now you can put your Merchandise Link, as well as a few gadget best purchase links or your Affiliate Link, to the Description box. The majority of YouTubers include a Digistore24 Affiliate Link.

Website Link:

If you continue to publish videos on a regular basis, your YouTube channel will become quite popular within a few months.


This is a brand new method, and you will see very little completion on YouTube, therefore I urge you to start uploading Tourist Places Videos right now.

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