How to make money from Pocket FM?

Hi friends, this article is going to tell you amazing tricks on how to get one or more spots a month by writing your story. Do you know that you can write about first love, first love, and something else so that you can make money from these stories?

What is PocketFM?

Pocket FM is a story-based audiobook app. A place where you can listen to thousands of stories and read novels. In this audiobook you can listen to different categories of books such as romantic, scary, exciting, character development.

How to make money from Pocket FM?

Pocket FM launched a program called “Author Benefits Program”. This program will allow you to earn money using your writing skills. And you can prove your work experience in writing. According to this program, you can earn $10 Lakh per year here. Here you can take your passion for writing to new heights. And you can build a good fan base through your writing.

Application Link: Download Pocket FM

Step 1: Creating an account is very simple. First go to this link and enter your mobile number. You must specify your name, email ID, and language.

Website Link:

Step 2: The next screen is the Writing Panel. Enter a title for your story/novel on this screen. You may want to change this title later, depending on your story. After entering “Title”, click the “Create Novel” button and go to the first chapter.

Step 3: Now you can write the first chapter of your story. On this page itself, you should write chapter by chapter of your entire story. You should first give the title of your chapter and then start writing. You can also copy and paste it.

Note: After the first episode is released, you must publish a new episode every day. With the release of the episodes, your milestones will be completed and you will receive prizes. After completing 250,000 words, the story becomes eligible to earn money and can earn money under the Pocket VIP loyalty program.


If you are interested in storytelling, you should take this opportunity. You can start working part-time. When your followers grow and your story makes money, you can do it full-time. If you want to be a storyteller, you can contact the author to write your own story, turn it into audio and upload it.

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