How to Make Money by Writing Copy Paste Article on Vocal Media?

Vocal is advertised on platforms such as Instagram as the latest platform for creators to produce great content. It is likely that you’ve seen their advertisements, which will always be happy to inform authors they are on the right track. Vocal is the ideal site to be paid for written work.

Writing is my passion and I love writing to convey my thoughts. I started writing for Vocal two years ago. I wasn’t aware of the full potential of the program.

I’ve been experimenting with Vocal Media, a platform for writing. Vocal Media. It’s among the most modern writing platforms that have come on the scene like Medium along with Newsbreak.

What is Vocal Media?

Vocal Media is touted as an alternative for users looking for an alternative Medium or a self-hosted site (ie. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix). It permits a vast variety of topics, separated into categories such as Beat, Blush, Lifehack, Journal, etc. Nonfiction and fiction content can be found in Vocal Media.

The website and all its stories are completely free The site and all of its stories are free, however Vocal Media also offers a one-time fee of $10 to join Vocal+. The primary benefit of being a member is that it allows you access to all contests that are on the website (deemed “Challenges”), and increases the amount of earning profits when people browse your content.

How to Make Money by Writing Copy Paste Article on Vocal Media?

Writers earn income on the platform from the views they receive from readers ($3.80 per 1,000 views, members of Vocal+ receive $6.00 for every 1000 page views). They also get financial compensation from users through tips, cash bonuses and other cash from the Vocal Media staff. Vocal Media.

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1. Reads

Vocal pays its users by utilizing an CPM (cost per 1,000) basis. It is also called “reads.” The more readers your blog post gets and the more you’re paid.

Presently, Vocal regular members get $3.80 earnings per 1000 reads. Vocal+ members get $6.00 per 1,000 reads.

2. Tipping

Tipping lets your visitors pay directly for your blog posts. These are micro-payments that are directly deposited through the account of your Stripe account (Vocal pay an amount of a tiny percentage to cover the fee for transfer).

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Be sure that your story is written in a way that is entertaining, and fascinating to your readers and they’ll be more likely to give you a tip! It’s also possible to get tips from the Vocal when they truly like your story.

Vocal Media also allows you to download free images from this website Unsplash to enhance aesthetic appeal to your blog posts. Embed features are allowed to Youtube videos, gifs as well as embeds to other sites within your posts.

It’s also evident that every post is vetted by an editorial team prior to it goes live on the site There’s a certain amount of quality control for the content posted on Vocal Media.

Vocal Media Has a Payout Threshold

Vocal Media pay writers through Stripe however, in order to be paid, the writers have to first meet the minimum $35 threshold (the minimum threshold is $20 for Vocaland members). This is because the issue is Vocal Media’s lack of coverage, and even if a blog post is actively promoted, it’s likely to only make a few dollars.

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The only way to meet the required threshold is to) be promoted to a higher level, b) receive tips from readers or then c) receive Vocal bonuses, or) be able to win challenges.

I got a bonus of 10 dollars via Vocal Media, but even with my daily postings I’m still just $18 from getting it.


My opinion is that Vocal Media is a legitimate site that can make money writing for however, some of its methods make me hesitate to recommend it to writers.

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