How to increase JIOFI Speed: Ultimate Master Guide

The Internet has spread very fast in India after the arrival of JIO. JIO has more than 34% share in India’s telecom industry. JIO has given amazing facilities and services to its users at a very low price, this is why people got attracted to it and also why they use it, but due to so many users, the network and its capacity can also be affected, due to which speed of your device can also be reduced.

This can also happen only in 1 area or more if the number of users is high in one area the network will be distributed to so many users. suppose if the network tower is spreading 100 Mbps but the number of users is 200 So the network will be distributed to all of them, which means every user will only get 0.5 Mbps which is very low.

The JIOFI speed is an important factor to show the quality of the network. The increase in JIOFI speed will help in improving the speed and performance of your mobile internet. But there are some other factors that also affect this factor. So, it is better to take a holistic view to fix it.

If you use JioFi and want to increase the speed of your JioFi, then here I will tell you about some methods by using which you can know how to increase JioFi Speed.

Why your JIOFI Speed got affected

The Jiofi is a device that lets you connect to the internet through wifi and is very useful in places where there is not a good internet connection. You can use this device as a hotspot for your phone or computer to connect to the internet. However, the Jiofi has some limitations also.

As I told you that due to more users, your Jiofi’s speed can decrease but this cannot be the only reason for your Jiofi’s speed Decreation. There can be many other reasons behind this, which you can read below.

Distance of your JIOFI – If your JIOFI is slow, you can check the distance of your JIOFI device from the nearest tower. If the signal or network is not coming clearly Your JIOFI speed can be slow by it.

You can check how many signals are receiving your JIOFI on its screen. If the signal is not very good that also means the tower is getting a high load and the internet speed is divided because JIO is at its early age and they are making their services better.

Number of users – This can also happen due to so many users. If the number of towers is only one or 2 in your area but the number of users is higher in your area it can also affect your internet speed.
You can check your internet speed at night at 2 Am or 3 Am maybe when the number of users can be decreased in your area. At this time the number of users can be lower up to 40 to 50%.

Connected Device to JIOFI – The number of connected devices to your JIOFI is also important. You can connect up to 10 devices to your JIOFI. but there is only one device that is providing the internet.

If you will connect more devices to it the internet speed will be distributed to them in many parts. like the internet tower. Try to connect fewer devices to it if you don’t want to share the internet of your JIOFI.

Wrong Internet Plan – If you have chosen the wrong plan for the JIOFI or if you have selected the plan for the JIOFI that only offers only 1 or 2 GB of internet Data quota per day.

If you use the full capacity of your daily High Speed 4G internet data quota in only 1-2 hours then your internet speed will be reduced to 64 kbps. Once you will use 100% of your daily internet quota it will renew after 12:34 AM. But if you want more Data you can recharge with an Add-on plan which will give Data according to your chosen Data Plan.

Problematic JIOFI device – If you have tried all the ways on your JIOFI device and any of these do not work. So the problem is Maybe on your JIOFI router. You should check your JIOFI router for good internet speed.

Wrongly changed the JIOFI settings – If you have modified the JIOFI setting according to you, So change it to default factory settings for a good internet speed. If you don’t know how to change the settings to default settings, search it on Google.

How to increase JIOFI Speed

If you have implemented all the ways to increase JIOFI speed but it isn’t worked. But here I will tell you some ways using which you can definitely increase the speed of your JIOFI router.

1. How to increase JIOFI speed using APN settings

Firstly open the JIOFI web portal in your web browser.
Now move your cursor to the login button and click on it.
Enter your registered username and password. If you don’t know the password enter the ID and in the password section enter “Administrator”.
Then click on Setting –> LTE –> APN.
Click on the “APN network” and from the default change Auto to manual.
And at last, change your default IP address to IPV4 and then click on the Apply button. Now you will see some changes on your JIOFI router.

2. How to increase JIOFI speed by changing some settings

Firstly opens the JIOFI portal in your web browser.
Click on the login button.
Enter your registered username and password. If you don’t know the password enter the ID and in the password section enter “Administrator”.
Now go to Settings –> Network –> Wifi setting.
Click on the channel and set it to 11(2.462Ghz)
Then click on Apply.


We have told you about all the methods available on the internet which actually work and by using them you can boost your internet speed if these methods work for you. If you have tried all the methods and none of them works for you, then you can talk to the customer care executive of Jio or you can change the telecom operator because, in the end, this is the only way left for you.

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