How to Get Your First Affiliate Sale without Investing Money?

Friends welcome to our latest articles where I will tell you that how you can generate your first affiliate sale without investing any money and this trick will be going to boost Your affiliate marketing sales for absolutely free within 24 hours so do read this article carefully.

I am not sure but I will definitely say that after reading this article you are able to generate your first affiliate sale within a few hours.

How to Get Your First Affiliate Sale without Investing Money?

So before starting this article, we are going to use three basic steps which can really help us to get our first sale. All steps mentioned below are very helpful for affiliate marketers so always remember that these three steps are Magical Steps for you.

Step 1: Product Selection

The first step you need to find your first converting affiliate product you can choose any need product but for generating more Sales.

I will recommend you choose and healthy digital marketing-related affiliate product because this kind of products people can easily purchase so it will be easy to promote this product with less Time.

Website Link:

Note: You can choose any affiliate marketing program like Amazon, Digistore24 or etc but for now I am using Clickbank because form a Clickbank is more beneficial rather than other affiliate marketing networks.

In step 1 selected one weight-loss-related product which has already more conversation results so I’m going to promote this product.

Step 2: Create Article Content

We are going to use this as step number 2 because many affiliate products don’t have any description of useful information regarding their product so that’s why we are going to generate one article format content.

So for doing this procedure, we are going to use ezinearticles platform, design articles are one of the Best article platforms where you will get an article regarding your Niche.

Website Link:

So as I told you that I selected weight loss-related products shown on Ezinearticles website I am going to the weight loss keyword and India article search result I will choose one article.

Step 3: Promote your affiliate Link

So before moving to step 3 first find the affiliate link of your product. Because of that link, we are going to place it on your article content.

When we click on on the promote button in the next popup you will see the “Generate Hoplinks” option after clicking on that option your affiliate link of that product will be generated which you can use anywhere to promote that particular product.

Where to Promote Affiliate Products to generate Sales – (High Traffic Source)

So as earlier we completed all 3 steps and for now, the main step is how we can promote our affiliate marketing product with a Huge traffic platform so for doing this step we are going to use website.

Website Link:

Ello is a knowledge-sharing platform website where peoples write articles and share infinite knowledge with others. Basically, Ello is a free article submission website and this website has millions of traffic so it will be a milestone source for us to promote our affiliate product.

Important: So now Publish your Ezinearticles Content on Ello and Put your Affiliate Product link. And don’t forget to highlight that text.


I hope friends this strategy will really help you to generate your first affiliate sale. If this Trick doesn’t work for you to generate sales in 24 hours then do wait for a few hours because believe me affiliate marketing is a long-time Business.

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