How to earn money without facecam videos through Affiliate Marketing?

Hello Friends today’s article is only for those who really don’t want to show their face and looking forward to earning money online. I’m not telling you that create your face cam videos I am sharing a trick that you can use another Platform’s videos and edit that video and upload it on YouTube.

If you have a strong internet connection, and one smartphone then do read this article carefully, because I’m sharing 6 Best Platforms which can really help you to make this possible and through this article, you all are going to earn huge earning.

How to earn money without facecam videos through Affiliate Marketing?

So we are going to use Affiliate Marketing because of every platform like YouTube and all. If you want to earn money through this platform so they have some guidance and YouTube policy says that create your own videos with facecam, that’s why we are using affiliate marketing.

  • ClickBank
  • Digistore24

When we use Clickbank or Digistore24 affiliate marketing program, on every single Product this website has dedicated Videos about that product so all we need to do is download that videos and edit them and do SEO and upload it on YouTube so let’s see how all this works.

Use ClickBank/Digistore24 Affiliate Program

Step 1: visit at official website and click on the signup button complete the registration form and click on the register button after that your account will be successfully created then login to the ClickBank dashboard.

Website Link: Click Here

Step 2: In the Category, section chooses Health & Fitness related products, then use those products which will give you a lot of commission and product price should be less.

Step 3: Now click on the affiliate page link of that product, in the affiliate page you will get to see a lot of information about that particular product also they mention some tutorial videos of that product.

Website Link:

Step 4: Now visit the why website this is a YouTube video downloader so we are going to paste the link of that affiliate page video link here and then download this video.

All Platform website Link: Click Here

Step 5: Now upload this downloaded video on your Few Platforms and in the video title section put the title of that product name and in the description box add something about that product and also mentioned your affiliate purchase link of that product.


I hope this article will very help you to earn money through affiliate marketing because we are not going to create our own facecam videos on YouTube we are going to reupload videos from the Affiliate page link on YouTube.

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