How to earn money through ShareCTA?

Hello Friends In this post, I’ll share amazing tricks for you on will allow you to earn cash by sharing links to other sites It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it. This method could assist you in obtaining that first Sale.

How can you earn money through ShareCTA?

Step 1: First, you will need topick one area of interest (Topic) You can pick your areas of expertise like weight Loss Products and Fitness. In this case, I’m searching Google in search of “Weight Loss Website” then using the search results, you need to copy any web link.

Step 2. Next, go to the Sharecta website. The URL is below. After that, click on the create the sharable option. Then, copy the link to the article that you copied recently.

Website Link:

Step 3.Open the Canva website, select the size of your logo. Create an image in small square format , and then download the logo.

Website Link:

4.Now the next step is to go to the Filebin site to upload the logo. Visit the Filebin website, and drag your image, then hit the upload button. After that, copy the image’s URL and paste it into Sharecta’s website. Sharecta website.

Website Link:

Five Steps: Then, open the Digistore24 website, and then select health-related products. For this post I’m making use of Weight Loss Related Products so pick a specific product and copy the name from the item and copy it on the Sharecta website. Then, add an appealing description. Finally, within the section for links,, paste affiliate links.

Website Link:

6.Now the next step is to establish an account on Quora and begin answering questions about fitness. Also, you can write an article , and insert your Sharecta link in the article so that whenever readers read the article, they click the Sharecta link You can earn an affiliate sales.

Website Link:


Friends , this site is useful, so stay regular and Post frequently on Quora, so you’ll get more visitors and sales on Digistore24. Digistore24 account.

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