How to Earn Money Online by Writing Articles?

Hello Freinds, Are you looking forward for an article writing job yes all I mean to say is today I will share two amazing website where you can earn money by doing content writing work. So without wasting time lets start our article.

What is ArticleInsider?

Articleinsider is one of the best website where you can earn money by proding articles to their website, Today, I’ve bought you a very reputable website called Article Insider. On this site, the registration procedure is very simple. On this website, you have to create articles that are the your top 10 items you’d like to write about. Here is the example.

Website Link:

The most important thing to note about this website is that it be completely original. They pay via PayPal, paytm and Skrilland UPI.

How to Earn Money Online by Writing Articles?

So Freinds very first thing you have to do is find some Top 10 Articles on any topic like Entertainment industry or etc. Now, go to and Now, the only thing you have to do is to enter into the search bar, search for “Top 10 Singers in India” since Entertainment is one of the topics that was trending, and it’s the type of article is one that people are able to read easily, that’s why we’re first focusing on the the Singers Niche.

Website Link:

The most crucial step is that after you have visited spinbot, simply paste the text you just copied, and then click the screen button. After doing this, you’ll get a an entirely unique piece of content that you can use anyplace or on any site because it’s plagiarism-free content.

Website Link:

There is also one another website like ArticleInsider where you can publish your content easily and earn $100 for per article when your article will get approved in Listverse website, So first go to Listverse site and then click on join button and enter your details and then you can publish your article.


So, friends, I hope that this article can be useful to you as I have revealed my personal method of how I make money from copy paste of my writing articles. If you can succeed in doing this with a good strategy, then you’ll also be one of the lucky ones to be earning money today.

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