How can you earn money online by making Thumbnails?

Do you have friends who are seeking a new opportunity or job that will allow you earn money online through editing? That sounds awesome, then today in this post I’m going to show you an incredible trick to thumbnail creation that will allow you earn over 22,000 Rupees per month.

Before you begin this article , let me inform that this task can complete at home at all times since it is well-known that editing photos or making thumbnails is a home-based work. You don’t require a laptop. You can quickly create amazing thumbnails for YouTube using an Android Smartphone.

How can you earn money online by making Thumbnails?

To make money from thumbnails it is important to know how we can make stunning thumbnails in just a few minutes, so make sure to follow the steps listed in the following.

Step 1: Visit Canva

In the First Step, you need to visit the most well-known editing website that is Canva. If you’re using a laptop, then go to or if using Android then download the app via the Playstore URL is below.

Website Link:

In my most recent YouTube video, every detail on how you can create amazing thumbnails for YouTube simply create thumbnails similar to this and then market them.

Step 2 Step 2: Fiverr

There are orders for thumbnails on Fiverr All you need to do is visit and make your own gigs on thumbnail editing. Then, you’ll get certain orders.

Site Link

Step 3. YouTube

You may also receive requests for thumbnail creation from YouTubers with small audiences. For this procedure, open YouTube and search for new YouTube channels. After that, send an awesome email to all of the small YouTube channel makers.


Inform them that you are able to create amazing thumbnails for YouTube videos at a cheap cost. You can also provide the free thumbnails demonstrations for their YouTube videos.


I’m sure this method will be beneficial to you as this is the legally legal method of earning cash by simply thumbnail-making work from home using an android and Windows device.

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