How to Earn Money Online by Copy Paste work on Quora?

Hello Friends welcome to another amazing article about how to earn money online through Quora, Affiliate Marketing & Url Shortner. It’s quite big secret today which I’m going to share with you guys becuase this is very unique trick so I don’t think so if anybody knows about Amazing Online Earning Method.

So without wasting time let talk about Quora + Spinbot in detail so you might Understand this method in better way.

How to Earn Money Online by Copy Paste work on Quora?

Quora is huge platform for writing own thoughts but nowadays Quora is become 3rd largest visiting website so you might get surprised that Through Quora you can earn money, do you belive it this, I know your answers would be No but yes.

Step 1: Digistore24

First Visit at Digistore24 Affiliate Program there you will find a lot of Products to promote but for this trick we are going to choose Health and Fitness Related Products, so Select Lose Weight Products becuase this niche has huge Traffic then copy your product link.

Website Link:

Step 2: Ezinearticles

In the second step open Ezinearticles website here you will get a lots of articles, but just because we are promoting Lose Weight Product then pick any Weight loss related article and then copy it.

Website Link:

Step 3: Spinbot

Now visit at the Spinbot website and paste here recently copied article and then click on rewrite article button so this tool will rewrite article. Now paste this article on Notepad.

Website Link:

Step 4: Quora

Now in quora search box find Weight Loss related all questions and queries and then click on answer button and then paste your Spinbot article here and in that article add one image and in the middle of article add your affiliate product link.

Website Link:

Step 5: UrlShortX

In the middle of article before pasting direct affiliate product link you may also short that link with UrlShortX website so you can earn more money through single trick.

Website Link:


I hope guys this article will be helpful for you because I shared my personal Methods that how I am making money through this website and mostly from Quora.

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