How to Earn Money from SolveCaptcha site?

If you own Android or any other smartphone, prepare to earn cash by filling in Captcha. I’m sure you’re thrilled about this article, so let me give you the complete details about this website.

Before you start writing an article, let me inform you that you won’t earn $1000 on this website, however, I do guarantee that you’ll earn money for your pocket Money.

What is SolveCaptcha site?

SolveCaptcha is an extremely well-known website where users can sign up for accounts and begin their Captcha Filling task, this site was extremely popular due to the fact that they actually offer the opportunity to pay their customers.

For each 1000 Captcha, You can earn as much as $1. Therefore, if we calculate this sum by considering that you’re on this site for 3 hours, and you are filling out 1000 Captcha in just one hour, then in 3 hours you will earn $3 per day. If you convert it into Indian currency, you’ll be earning daily Rs220.

How can you earn money Through SolveCaptcha site?

To begin, go to the SolveCaptcha website and then click on the Pay button.

This is just one type of Data Entry work, and this site will allow you to make an immediate payment. However, before you sign up on this site, they provide some examples of Captcha to fill out for verification.

Once you have logged in, simply log into your SolveCaptcha Dashboard, and then on the interface, your Summary of Earnings will appear there.

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Now, click the Startwork button. Then, they will send you a captcha. Fill in all captchas, then click on the Enter button.

With every successful captcha, you will earn cash. Always click Normal + Captcha since with this captcha you could make more money.

How do I obtain a Payout Withdraw on SolveCaptcha’s website?

If you were a participant on the SolveCaptcha site and you reached a threshold of higher than $1, then you’re allowed to withdraw your money. Additionally, the website offers immediate withdrawal, which means the money will be transferred within 24 hours.

To withdraw money from a payment account, there are six options, however, I suggest that you pick WebMoney, Perfect Money or Payeer as these three payment gateways will allow you to make withdrawals with no costs.

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You are able to withdraw a minimum of $0.5 USD and send it to your payment processor. If you’re making a withdrawal using WebMoney, you just need to click on the WebMoney button and then enter the WMZ Purse ID. Then select save wallet.


You can certainly join this site and earn money since this is a legitimate website. the proof of payment for the recent withdrawal I will share in my next post.

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