How to earn money from Recipe eBooks through Upload4ever?

Friends today in this incredible tutorial we’ll learn about how you can earn money by uploading eBooks to the site. This is the most recent method of earning money from eBooks, So are you excited.

Today, no one would like to read books as the current Era was so modern that everyone was reading ebooks , and we’re going to use this technique to earn money, but do you know what you can do? Do not worry, take a look at this article thoroughly.

What is Upload4ever?

Upload4ever is a website for PPT that lets you upload documents, such as eBooks PDF Text, Docs or any other file, then for every 1000 successful downloads you can earn as much as $5, and this is contingent upon the quality of the traffic and the countries it is hosted in.

Website Link:

If you’re living in USA, UK then you are entitled to $5 per 1000 downloads, however when you’re located within India or Tier 4 countries, then you’ll receive pay $3 for every 1000 downloads.

How to earn money from Recipe eBooks through Upload4ever?

Now, the question is: What kind of eBooks can be uploaded to Upload4ever, and from where can obtain top-tier nations downloading or traffic to the Upload4ever website. We recommend following the steps given below.

Step 1 Digistore24

First step to go to Digistore24 official website. The links are below. Click on the search function and type in Recipies you’ll get many results, but you need to select only those which offer Ebooks as well as PDF and then download the ebook in PDF format.

Website Link:

Step 2 Step 2: Upload4ever

Open the official Upload4ever website, the direct links are provided below. Login to your account. Once you have logged in, and the newly downloaded recipe ebook that you need to upload it to the Upload4ever website.

Website Link:

After uploading, you will receive an electronic download link for that ebook. You can then take this link and save it to your notepad.

3. Quora

The is the direct link below. You must search for Recipe-related Questions on the Quora Search Box after that give answers to the questions, or post an article that is direct.

Website Link:

The question now is how to post an article. So, just take a few paragraphs of the Recipe ebook, and paste it into Quora and add one or two images that are related to the recipe. Add your Upload4ever download link within the article. You can then post your article to Quora.


If you receive daily 1000 views for your quora blog, that means you’ll get daily downloads of 1000 on the Upload4ever website , so your daily earnings will be greater than $5 when you upload these ebooks.

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