How to Earn Money from Raksha Bandhan through Wishing Script?

Friend’s Raksha Bandhan is one of the biggest festival Indian’s were celebrate and this festival can definitely can make you Rich? Are still wondering how Raksha Bandhan can help to earn money well just read this article and you will all answers of question’s which is revolving at your mind.

Before start reading How to earn money from Raksha Bandhan? First I and my Team wishes you Happy Raksha Bandhan to you and your family, Keep spreading love and watch our videos regularly on YouTube.

What is WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script?

WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script is one of easiest way to make landing page website content viral with many peoples. For example, as it’s name is WhatsApp Viral wishing Script so for wishing we consider here it as Festival Wishes and for WhatsApp Viral we consider it as This website will be viral on WhatsApp Groups.

How to Earn Money from Raksha Bandhan through Wishing Script?

To Earn Money from Raksha Bandhan Script you have to first start a Blogger website and then you have to add your personalized Wishing Script in Blogger Template, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Access your Blogger admin account. Establish a New Blog

Step 2: is to select a theme under Theme. and press Apply.

Step 3: is to do so and select “Revert to traditional theme.”

Step 4: Change “Change NavBar” to “OFF”.

Step 5: Press [Ctrl+A] to select and delete all of the code in the box below.

Step 6: Visit the downloaded file (given above), Copy all code by pressing the keys Ctrl+A and C.

Step 7: Press “Save Theme” after pasting the code (Ctrl+V) into the code box.

Step 8: Check now. “View Blog” can be accessed by clicking. READ your website

Step 9: Now add your AdSense ADS at your blogger website, Don’t add more than 6 ads on your website to keep your adsense account safe.

Step 10: Well DONE, Now your website is totally ready. Just start sharing this website link with your friend’s and tell them you forward those msg and your site link with there family groups.


I covered everything there is to know about Raksha Bandhan Viral Wishing Script in this article. How to monetize this script for bloggers and how to post it to all of you. You can all mention in the comment section below whether you caused any confusion among the people.

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