How to Earn Money from MGTOW through Affiliate Marketing?

Hello Friends, Today’s article is so useful for all those people who are really wanted to earn money through Affiliate marketing on Digistore24 But do not getting a lot of sales, just because they don’t have the right platform to promote products for free without any investment.

What is Digistore24?

DigiStore24 is Best Affiliate Marketing Program to promote their affiliate products and earn money through it. If you’re Asian or Indian then believe me Digistore24 could be the best affiliate marketing program for us, Because we will get a lot of conversation Rate.

How to Earn Money from MGTOW?

MGtow is one of the best video sharing platforms which has more than 1 Million Monthly Traffic where people use to called as Feminist Platform. So now the question is how can we earn money through MGtow so for this follow the given procedure.

Step 1: visit the Digistore24 website and log in to your dashboard. Then in the menu section choose any affiliate product for now I’m going to promote the most Trending Product of Digistore24 which is Genie Script.

Website Link:

Step 2: Now click on the Sales page of Genie Script affiliate Product where you will get a bunch of videos of Genie Script where they explained everything about there product. So download that videos.

Step 3: Now the Platform we are going to promote our Digistore24 Products that is MGtow, So first signup and then click on Upload vidoe option and then upload the video of Genie Script which we already downloaded and in the Description box Paste your affiliate link of the product.

Website Link:

You may promote any other products too also in the description box add more text about your product which information you can get on Sales Page.


In general, i always recommend only one Affiliate Marketing Platform which is Digistore24 because it has very simple interface and the account creation on Digistore24 is so easy.

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