How to Earn Money from Ignite Blockchain?

So friends today I am sharing an interesting way to earn money. I know during this lockdown many of yours lost their jobs or maybe you are a student so just read out this entire article and I hope this will help you to earn some money.

Today I am going to share ignite blockchain website information with you this is the best website I can ever say which can help you to earn money.

What is ignite blockchain?

So friends let’s first understand what is ignite blockchains so let me tell you that at night blockchain is a website where they provide you with some simple tasks that can help you to answer money.

I know it’s looking very simple limited new some features of IGNITE BLOCKCHAIN website. So on this website, you will get a Faucet, shortlinks wall, PTC ads, Achievements, and auto pocket feature.

How to Create Account on Ignite Blockchain?

First, visit the official website of Ignite blockchain and on the home page you will see the interface there was a two-button first was log in and another one was a register so if you are new to this website just click on the register button.

Website Link:

When you click on the sign of button just feel your personal details like in the email section enter your valid email address create one user name and also generate a password make sure to create a unique password and in the last section enter the captcha and click on the register button.

Then after a few seconds, you will receive and confirmation male into that email which you provided earlier in the signup section, so now just click on confirm email address button and here we go your account on Ignite blockchain website was successfully created.

How to Earn Money from Ignite Blockchain?

Recently we created an account on Ignite blockchain website so now just log in and letter to your dashboard.

Now in the left side menu bar there you will see all the options which can help you to earn money. Like the first option was referrals.

The other menu was manual for kids just click on that option and feel the captcha and click on the collect your reward Option within a few seconds your reward will be added to your account.

Website Link:

In the Shortlinks option there you will see some links which you can shorten and earn money these shortlinks are very similar to droplinks.

Now the main question is how we can withdrawal your rewards. So you can your rewards into cryptocurrencies like you can convert them into Faucet Pay and I transferred that amount into your bank account.


This website is very Legit and you all peoples can definitely enjoy working in this site also this site can help you to earn not that much huge amount but yes you can earn a little bit.

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