How to Earn Money from ClassifiedAds through Affiliate Marketing?

Freinds this article was very special for every beginner affiliate marketer, you know why? Because today I’m going to share one Platform where you can promote unlimited affiliate products for free.

Also, This platform has millions of traffic which are coming from High Tier Countries. Most of the traffic is coming from USA and UK so you might get quick sales.

What is ClassifiedAds website?

Classifiedsads is one kind of platform where people can publish ads. Classified ads are a form of marketing through which products and services of a business are advertised. The most effective instance of this is magazines and newspapers, where advertisements of mobiles, vehicles homes, colleges etc. are done. The magazine and the advertising that is printed within the newspaper is referred to as Offline Promotion.

To promote online any kind of business or service there is a site of Classified Submission which is where ads for their products are placed by selecting the relevant category and the location.

How to Earn Money from ClassifiedAds?

If you don’t know how to Earn Money from ClassifiedAds then don’t worry I have one solution for this, and my answer is Affiliate Marketing. Yes, you heard it very true.

Website Link:

First go to ClassifiedAds official website, which link is given below. Then click on the signup button and fill in your personal details and click on submit button.

So now open your affiliate marketing platform for now I am using Digistore24, then choose any product we are mainly focusing on Health and Fitness related products.

Website Link:

Then choose any affiliate product and again visit at ClassifiedAds website and click on post Ads, then choose a category and in the Tittle section enter the same Affiliate Product Tittle, in the description write something about that product and then in the description add your affiliate product link.


So friends this is a quick guide about where you can promote affiliate products for free. That is an Amazing platform so don’t worry and be patient you will definitely get some sales.

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