How to Earn Money from AudioBee – Typing Work (Job)

So guys in this article I’m going to share informative information about one website where you can do Typing work and you may easily earn up to ₹3,000 Per Day. But before moving forward let me tell you that here you will be given two-Test, if you crack that test then you can get typing job.

Now let me tell you that how can you work on this website, so this website will give you an audio file, and need to type that into text format.

What is AudioBee?

Audiobee is a website where you can do Freelancing and earn money by writing articles which they will give you in Audio Format. The Audio file, you’re getting you just need to listen to that carefully and type in simple text format, and then submit it.

While doing this stuff AudioBee website pays you From $20 to $200 for single Audio Clip typing work. So if we convert $20 in INR so it would be something like ₹1,500 per audio typing work which is quite good.

So here they will Take your 3 test in the first test you should score more than 80% if you didn’t get that much score then on a second test you can score up to 70% either if you lose this is also then in the last test you should be score more than 50% either you will not be able to get a typing job at AudioBee website.

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How to Earn Money From the AudioBee website?

To earn money from audiobee website just follow the steps given below so you can be eligible to earn a huge amount from Audiobee.

First Sign-up in the AudioBee website. Then fill your personal details like Name, Mail, and Number then click on the Sign-up button.

Then log in to your AudioBee Account, and this test will be taken on the basis of your Typing Quality. First, they will provide you with an audio file sample, then you should hear that carefully and write it and click the ok submit button.

Website Link:

Then your article will be on review, once they reviewed your article and check the quality of it, after that they will give you approval and if you got approval then congratulations now you are able to Do typing Job.

This website also provides Multi-Language work, like if you’re an expert in any regional language then you can also work with AudioBee.

If you want to understand more information about AudioBee website then you can also check our YouTube channel because recently I uploaded the dedicated video on AudioBee.


So Guys I Hope this article can help you to Earn Money Online. If you have any questions regarding the AudioBee website then you can do visit on AudioBee website.

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