How to Earn Money By Writing Reviews on Studydekho website?

Hello, welcome again to our blog in this article we are going to share an interesting review about one website which will help you to earn money by writing every review.

Yes, you heard it very right if you’re right review you will get paid and there are not many terms and conditions so if you are also so looking forward to earning money then this kind of job is just for you so read the entire article.

What is StudyDekho?

Studydekho is an Indian-based website that provides reviews of colleges and universities, this website helps many students by providing them with research information about all institutions around India.

Now there was an opportunity for every student and housewife who are looking for home-based work like studydekho was giving up to 200 rupees for writing reviews about your or any institute.

I know after reading a paragraph you make it very e excited so let me tell you that how you can earn money for win up to 200 rupees from studydekho by writing such interesting reviews on Institute.

How to Earn Money by Writing Reviews on Institutes?

Let me tell you in brief by giving an example like if I was studying or working on Aakash institute so first I will visit at website after that when you will scroll there was one section for adding a review on the add review option right and interesting facts and review about your institute like I am writing about Aakash institute.

Website Link:

Now fill all details correctly and please make sure to write everything by yourself if you copied anything from Google or any web page then it will more time taking for getting you success and earning money through studydekho.

The most important factor before writing a review on studydekho websites is that they will ask you that are you satisfied with this institute so in favorites and study name section 2 add more than 4 ratings so they will consider your review as a real human review.

Many peoples were doing mistakes in writing the overall experience section if you write a very small all alphabets in the experience section they will consider you as spam review and maybe you can’t earn 200 rupees through it so I suggest you write a review about that Institute more than 100+ Words.

Is StudyDekho Website Real?

Yes, friends website is a totally real website like this website can pay you From 50 to 200 rupees by writing a review about institutes. You all students can definitely work on studydekho websites because recently I also got earn money by writing a review on website


I know this opportunity is very e good for those people who are looking for this kind of job like if you are good at writing skills and you think that you can write more enough reviews about institutes then this website is a very helpful source for you to earning money.

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