How to Earn Money by Writing Reviews on G2 Website?

Friends in this article I am going to tell you an amazing tree about how you can earn money by writing a review on digital products or on software which can really help you to get rid out of your financial problems.

I know if you are a student and housewife you are still looking for such kinds of jobs where you can simply do less effort work and earn a lot of from it so this work of writing reviews is also one of them where within a less time you can earn enough money.

What is G2 Website?

In this modern era, is a digital website where people write or submit their reviews on many products such as digital product software and products which are related to your daily life.

Now if you are thinking that why should you write reviews on the website then my simple answer is that after writing a single review on any particular product on the G2 website they will pay you for doing this task.

If you are thinking about you could earn a lot of money through this website then you are totally wrong because this is a good opportunity for those people who are looking forward to on a little bit of money like after writing good reviews you could earn good money.

How to Earn Money from G2 Website by writing Reviews?

So I know that you peoples want something less effort trick whether you can write good reviews about any particular product which G2 website can also approve, so I am sharing my personal method just follow all the procedures given below.

Website Link:

The first step is very simple just visit at website and log in through your LinkedIn account if you don’t have your LinkedIn account you can also log in through your Google account.

Now in the next step website will give you a review writing task whether they will give you any software to write something about it, for example, I am writing a review about Skype.

Website Link:

In the title, section Write Skype Review then click on the Next button and then search on Google about Skype pros and cons after that click on any link on the search result then copy Skype pros and cons and go to one website which name is spinbot.

So on the Spinbot website simply copy-paste your Skype pros and cons and simply click on the spinbot button after that your article will be rewritten and your article will get approved on the G2 website.

Now on the next procedure, they will ask you that how they can improve that software so write something opinion and then simply click on the Next button and fill in all the details after that when your review was submitted you will get one mail if your review was approved by website then congratulations you are getting paid for writing review.


I hope this article will be very helpful for you because I shared my personal spinbot trick with you and believe me guys this trick will definitely work for you after re-writing reviews website it will approve your review.

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