How to Earn Money by writing reviews – (Best 4 Websites)

So friends you are reading this article just because you really want to earn money and tell you that after reading this article you will definitely going to earn some money. And this doesn’t mean that you will earn less of rupees but yess you may earn little bit like Pocket money.

In this post I am sharing 4 websites with you so if you you really work on this 4 Website then definitely you will earn monthly more than your pocket money.

Earn Money From Shiksha

This is our first website which name is a if you want to know no that what is website then I have created or published one dedicated video about this topic on my YouTube channel.

If you Write an some amazing reviews on website then this website will pay you 100 rupees for review and this amount is not confirm it will be changed within a few minutes. In what way college you are studying or you are brother cousin they are studying just write a review on their college and believe me you will get to earn 100 rupees for one review.

Website Link:

Earn Money From VidyaVison

The another website which is very similar like is and this website is also about writing a review and you will earn money through it. It is a very simple procedure visit at website and write review on your college and after that you will get hundred rupees Paytm cash or phonepe cash.

Website Link:

Earn Money From Collegedunia

Third website is and this is also very similar websites like Vidya vision and this website will pay you hundred rupees for every single review of college. Also if you use a refer and earn program of college dunia website then for refferal you will earn 20 rupees.

Website Link:

Earn Money from 99Acera

And the fourth and last website is and in this website you don’t need to write a review on your college this website is about a real estate so you will going to write information about your nearest location that how much facilities are available in your located area.

Website Link:

I hope guys if you work in both of this for Website then I will make you show that at the end of month you have going to earn huge amount through this tree and writing a review is not that much hours you will use any article spinner for writing good review.

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