How to Earn Money by Writing an article on (Best Data Entry Job).

Write article earn 40$ to200$ this was our previous post. You can see it by click on the link. If you can write an article in English, you can online earn well. But you have to work hard for that.

There is a lot of online writing site where you can earn by working. In the previous post, we talked about Alaska parents. Where there are related articles published from parenting. If you want to earn writing, you can make money by working hard on the site we’re telling you about today.

How to choose Article topic.

There is a lot of topics on which you can write. like beauty, health, online earning, blogging, technology, entertainment, fiction, movie, politics, parenting, lifestyle & fashion, etc. You can first read on which topic you want to write on the site you are writing for.

Today we are talking about you can go to the site by click on the link. Here you can write any number of Articles and apply AIDS on your Page. Here you can apply 5 or 6 ads on one page and earning well.

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How to register on

It’s very easy to register here. You click on Something like this will come up. Click on join.

  • A form will come as soon as you click on the Join. You have to do your user name, email, password, CAPTCHA solve.
  • Now click on an email that will come to you and verify. Something like this will come up. Enter your photo, set your profile. Then you can write an article.
  • The profile you have to tell you about yourself. Facebook, if your account is on Linkedin, id your social network there. After doing all the settings, you can write an article.
  • Add Article title, click on choose topic. basic click. Now you can write an article on a new page. You can also put photos. HubPages provide you with a lot of tools.
  • When an article is written, click it on the publish button above. Your article will be public to that site within a few hours after you verify your phone number.
  • You press the article to publish button. Your article will start the show in 48 hours. the article must be approved5.
Website Link: Click Here

Here you can ads the empty space you see on site. There are ads placed in the middle of the post as well. You can earn quite well if your post is viral.


In related posts Online, we repeatedly say that you have to work very hard only then you can succeed. You can earn by applying AdSense, Amazon ads to the HubPages.

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