How to Earn Money by Watching Videos on FollowFast Website?

So guys in this article I am going to share with you and I am using the website where you can earn money through watching videos on your Android mobile phone or laptop.

Now the question is what kind of videos are doing want to watch so the simple answer is you will get some YouTube videos and when you want those videos you will get money.

If you want to know about the withdrawal system of this website then let me tell you that Paytm, Google pay & UPI is not available on this website because this is an international website so you will get payment withdrawal only in cryptocurrency like Phaucet Pay.

What is Followfast?

Followfast is a popular social media service providing a website where if you follow any user account on like their pages or watch particular videos of that user you will get paid by followfast website.

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos?

First visit at followfast website which link is given below and when you visit at the homepage of followfast website you will see two options login or join if you are new to this website then simply click on the join button.

Website Link:

In the username, section add your username enter your email address set a secure password enter your location, and in the referral code, you may add a referral code which can help you to get more points to solve the capture and simply click on the join button and here it is going to our account on followfast website was created.

Now after successful login into your followfast website dashboard in the home interface upper section you will see some points option there how many points you have earned through this website you will see that.

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Like if we click on YouTube like section so wonderful what will be open and if give the like on any YouTube video you will earn 5-8 points and these points are mentioned on this website.

Just like this click on the YouTube video section and when you watch any videos on YouTube you will get paid by 20 points or 30 points.

You can work on followfast website and all detailed procedures are given in my recent YouTube videos so do watch my recent YouTube videos where I explain everything about followfast website.


Friends this the best website for you if you are looking forward to earn money by watching videos or this kind of work. I know this is a very simple task-based website and you all guys can earn not more but little built among through this website.

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