How to Earn Money by Watching Advertisement?

Hey, in this article , I’m going to write my personal view and opinion on Earning websites that are based on earnings. Before I begin the article, I would like to invite you to read the complete article to understand the entirety about this site.

Before starting this article, the website that I will review can be described as GrandMonopoly and I have a look at the reviews about this website on Trustpilot and found that the GrandMonopoly website is authentic and that all reviews are positive on this website.

What is GrandMonopoly Site?

This is an American-based website that you can earn money watching ads, you read it’s true that the website assigns you a task and, when you finish it, they’ll help you earn money.

In simple terms I’ll inform you that if a GrandMonopoly member GrandMonopoly website after you have watched an advertisement for just one minute, you’ll receive almost $3 in Indian currency.

Download File

You can sign up directly using either your Facebook account or Google account, or use your email and click the Continue button.

When you sign up or log in to the website, they will require a few details simply click on the low button, then go to the dashboard for your account.

Today, on the GrandMonopoly website you can receive daily rewards that you are able to convert into real cash.

Then click on the video tab in which you can view many video advertisements tasks where you can earn rewards. There you can change into cash that you can then withdraw from your bank account using phaucet pay.


These two websites are extremely good websites that can assist you make money online just by watching advertisements . I'll remind you that both are legitimate websites, so you are able to be a fool on these websites.

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