How to Earn Money by Watching ads on FreeWard?

Hello friends in this article you guys will get to know an amazing trick where you could earn money by simply watching video advertisement, I know this was maybe new for you are for some people this should be not that much new but I request you to read the entire article.

So before starting this article the website which today I am going to review is FreeWard and I check reviews of this website on Trustpilot and there I saw that FreeWard website is genuine and all reviews are good about this website.

What is FreeWard Website?

FreeWard website is a UK-based website where they give you such simple tasks as they provide you advertisement and if you watch that advertisement you will get paid by FreeWard website.

Because freeward website is an international website so this website was very genuine and I request all my subscribers, that they can work on this website to earn money.

How to Earn Money from FreeWard?

So if you want to earn money from freeward website first visit the official website then click on the signup and a login button.

You can directly sign up through your Facebook or Google account or you may enter your email address and click on the continue button.

Website Link: FreeWard.Net

After signing up or login in website, they will ask you a few permission just click on a low button and then click on your account dashboard section.

Now on the freeward website, you will get to see daily few rewards you can easily convert into your real money.

Now click on the video section where you will see a lot of video advertisement tasks you can earn more rewards and which you can convert into your money which you can also withdraw to your bank account through pocket pay.

Now first you should click on the loot.TV button, then the official website of lootTV will be open now there you will see to option you need to click on sign up button after that create your account on lootTV and after that it login into your lootTV dashboard account.

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Then in the menu section of lootTV you will see redeem option click on that and on the first section, you will see link account click on the link account button, and on the select a website section and find website and then click on visit button.

Now if you watch video advertisements on Ludo TV every reward of your video advertisement watching sections will be directly added to your FreeWard website dashboard.


So friend I hope that this trick and the information I shared with you will be helpful for you because a free website is a genuine website where you can literally earn up to $5 to $10 daily by simply watching some advertisement.

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