How to earn money by uploading videos of GTA 5 on YouTube?

Friends today’s Generation is obsessed with games. We all are aware that Games such as GTA 5, BGMI, Call of Duty, and Minecraft are the most loved and all teenagers want to play, or even watch the videos or play one of these Games.

Recently, I was searching for GTA 5 on YouTube and I was awed by the number of views and popularity being received on this topic. As a matter of fact, nearly all videos on YouTube associated with the Gaming Gaming genre have millions of people watching them.

How to earn money by uploading videos of GTA 5 on YouTube?

In this article, I’ll teach you some incredible tricks on how you can earn money by uploading gaming-related videos on YouTube without having to play games, this technique will help your channel become popular in a short time.

Step 1: The first step is to visit the official Twitch website, which is listed below. Twitch is a very well-known video streaming platform. The majority of the games streams were conducted on Twitch this platform. The platform is home to 1.2 billion users, therefore you will find plenty of content from this site.

Website Link:

When you are on the Twitch website, click on the category games or look up any games, and you’ll find a large number of videos streaming. Be sure to find the games videos that do not have any Logo and then copy the URL to the game.

Step 2: You must now go to the website KeepVid which is a Twitch video download site where there is no video that is via Twitch. Twitch website. Simply copy the URL for the Twitch video we just copied and then click the download button.

Website Link:

Step 3. After downloading Twitch Game Streaming videos, you must edit those videos. You can do that using any editing software for video. If the Twitch video features Any Face Cam or Logo then you can substitute that face cam or logo with your Image and all we’d like to do is to hide their face or logo.

If you’re uploading the video to your YouTube channel, make sure you add tags as it can help make your video go viral. To do this, make use of Rapidtags, which is below.

Website Link:

Step 4: To create an image thumbnail for a YouTube video that is a part of Games you can utilize Canva that link is listed below. Canva is the best tool to design stunning thumbnails of Games or streaming videos for YouTube or utilize any image from Twitch videos and then make adjustments to the image.

Website Link:

I would suggest that you start an account on YouTube for posting videos like these Gameplay streaming videos. And be sure to select a games-related name for the channel on YouTube.


This is a new method so if you’re eager to explore it, believe me, that within a couple of months, your channel will increase millions of views. All you need to upload videos frequently.

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