How to Earn money By uploading God Says Videos on Youtube?

Hello friends, in this article I am sharing an amazing trick about how you can earn money or grow a new YouTube channel by using this awesome trick.

How to Earn money By uploading God Says Videos on Youtube?

First of all, you have to create a new YouTube channel and follow my given procedure.

Step 1: Visit at Brainyquotes website which link is given below and then in the search box write God Quotes then you will get a lot of God message quotes on daily basis.

Step 2: Then visit at Pixel website to get Copyrighted free Videos, God says videos we are going to use Nature videos so after visiting Pixel search for Nature videos and download them.

Step 3: Now you have to visit at Canva website to create videos for your channel. So after visiting at Canva website click on “YouTube Video” and then you have to upload Nature videos that you recently downloaded from the pixel website.

Now start editing videos by adding text format, here you have to paste Brainyquotes website God Message quotes and then use black transparent background so your text will be more visible.

Step 4: Then open search for Jesus images and open website to crop your image and then download it.

Step 5: Now in this step again we have to visit at Canva website to create a thumbnail for the YouTube video. So click on the “YouTube Thumbnail” option and then add Jesus cropped image and give text and decorate it and download the thumbnail.

Step 6: Now upload this video on your YouTube channel and visit at rapid tags website and generate tags for your YouTube video and then publish it on your YouTube channel.


I hope Friends this tutorial will help you a lot to gain subscribers and through this amazing trick, you can easily grow your YouTube channel.

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