How to Earn Money by Uploading Cricket News Videos on Youtube?

Hello Friends Today I’m sharing an amazing trick about how you can earn a lot of money through YouTube by uploading Cricket News related videos. Sounds amazing right, This is a very simple method but all you need to do is have some patience and upload regular videos on YouTube.

How to Earn Money by Uploading Cricket News Videos on Youtube?

So Guys for doing all these steps first let’s talk about where you will get cricket news information, answer to this question is very easy.

First, visit Google and then search for “latest cricket news in Hindi” or you may choose any other language news also, for example, Loksatta is a good Hindi news website and they provide the latest updates of Cricket also so you can easily copy all text from this website.

Website Link:

The second step is very important for this we are going to use the Lumen5 video eating platform. This is an AI-based platform that automatically generated awesome videos by adding text. So now paste all the text which you earlier copied from the Loksatta website and then add some images of Cricket.

The third step is quite hard because all you need to do is add your own voice, you can also use text to speech for doing this, simply read the text and record it and then add that recording to your video.


Friends, I Hope this method will work for you Because for this method you should upload at least 10 videos daily on your YouTube channel, and then within one month your channel goes viral.

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