How to Earn Money by Selling Study Documents on StudyPool?

So friends in this article I am going to tell you that how students and teachers can make money by doing such simple tasks. If you are a student then I request you to please read the entire article so you will understand that how you will be eligible to do this part-time work from your home.

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Before starting this article I am telling you guys that this is just a simple copy paste work and every individual student can do this without taking any lots of effort and for personal you can generate $10 so if I am not wrong then it would be something like you can easily earn $5000 monthly with the single website.

What is StudyPool?

Friends study pool is a very underrated and popular American-based website this is a study-based website where students and teachers purchase or sell study-related documents to help them in their studies.

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If you don’t understand how studypool website works then let me tell you in simple words that many students are there who are doing 11-12th or post-graduation in their colleges now they need some extra notes or some extra study related PDF where they can upload documents in studypool website.

Also for every single PDF, they can earn some money also so let’s have a look that how you can earn money by selling your study-related documents on studypool website.

How to Earn Money by Selling Study Documents on StudyPool?

So the first thing you have to do is if you know little bit knowledge about any particular subject like Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics or any other field like SSC and HSC if you are good at solving questions and their queries then simply write it down into a white A4 size paper.

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After writing your study-related document on paper simply scan that paper through your smartphone or any scanner and convert that into and PDF and that PDF could help you to earn money by selling that study-related documents on studypool website.


You can also download any particular subject notes on Google simply search on Google about the question and their queries and if you will find a PDF on any website simply download it and make some little bit changes like a run in that period of and you are Bang on simply upload that pdf at studypool website.

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