How to Earn Money by Promoting YouTube Videos?

Hello Friends, Today in this article we are you to tell you how you can earn money by providing views on YouTube Videos (Promoting YouTube Videos) at a cheap price.

Do you know Freinds nowadays everyone wants to become Youtuber and let me tell you that dusting Pandemic time many peoples started their new YouTube channels but they didn’t get that much reach on their videos?

What is VEEFLY?

Veefly is a platform that provides video promotion services to its clients. They claim that if you promote any YouTube videos through Veefly there are high chances to get your video Viral and you will get more Engagement on your YouTube channel.

How to Earn Money by Promoting YouTube Videos?

So now the only question coming into all your mind is How can we promote those videos at a cheap Price? Well that’s the answer is we are going to use 2 Platforms for this, 1st is Veefly which link is given below and another is Google Ads.

Website Link:

Step 1: First you have to visit at Fiverr Platform website which direct link is given below. Then create your one gig on Fiverr “Providing Views on Your YouTube Videos” also you can add a few keywords like “Promote Your YouTube Videos to Targeted Audience” and Enter the Price of this gig.

Website Link:

Step 2: Now you have to visit at YouTube Platforms and then search Newly started channels or those channels which have very less views are coming on videos. Then check our their channel about section and there you will get to see contact details or their mails.

Website Link:

Simply send them a message you can promote their videos or you can provide them good views on their YouTube videos at a cheap price.

Step 3: Now the main step of this whole article is to visit at Veffly website which link is given below. Then Signup and then log in to the dashboard and then paste the YouTube video link and click on promote video option then set country, budget and they will tell you how many views will you get on this budget.

Website Link:


I Hope friends Through this article you are going to make money, but before start doing this work please keep in mind that your gig price should be less amount than the Veefly budget so you can earn little bit more by promoting youtube videos.

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