How to Earn money by Promoting eBooks online?

Hello, friends today in this article I am going to share an amazing trick that can help you to earn money by doing affiliate marketing of ebooks. I know that today’s generation is mainly focused on ebooks to read the information so that’s why we are going to use this trick.

Information we are going to promote our ebooks is totally free and this platform has more than 1 million of traffic. The books we are getting is from one affiliate marketing website and ways a book we can promote easily on our hundred million of traffic website.

What is Scribd?

Scribd is an Indonesian-based ebook publishing website that people use to publish their ebooks and audios.

Basically, Scribd is a 30-day free trial website where you can easily read any kind of magazine’s ebooks post cast for free.

How to Earn money by Ppromoting eBooks online?

So we are now going to upload an ebook on this platform so the thing is where we will get this Vivo so to solve this query you are going to use the ClickBank affiliate marketing program.

Clickbank is the best solution for all affiliate marketers to promote their affiliate products. So first log in to your Clickbank account and in the category section click on the digital marketing menu and select any one product and click on the ebook PDF of that product.

Website Link:

Edit this ebook and in the ebook add your affiliate link of click and now promote this ebook on Scribd website.


This is my unique strategy to promote ebooks on a hundred million traffic website which name is Scribd, so why promoting this ebook trick be patients with this strategy take a lot of time to get results.

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