How to Earn Money By Creating Weight Loss Animated Shorts Videos on YouTube?

Trends in today’s article I am going to tell you that how this health-fit Hindi YouTube channel makes use of money by only uploading 10 seconds of YouTube short videos.

I already explain everything about the health Fit Hindi YouTube channel in my previous video so as obvious this is our second part of the “how to create weight loss animated short videos from mobile” topic.

You haven’t seen the first part get then I request you to check out that video and then read this article so you can understand carefully every single step that how through affiliate marketing you can make money on weight loss niche by uploading similar videos on YouTube channel.

How to Create Weight Loss Animated Shorts Videos?

So before knowing about how to create weight loss animated shots videos first let me show you that how these animated 10 second short videos will look alike so let me give you the example first.

So as I mention a screenshot image of weight loss animated shots so let’s now be a focus on how to create this kind of video.

Step 1: the first visit at website or you may click on the given link below. Then click on create account option and enter your email address, full name, and after creating your account login to canva.

Step 2: On the second step click on the “create a design” button and then in the menu bar you have to click on the TikTok video option because we are going to create YouTube short videos and the size of YouTube short videos is a portrait so we can use TikTok feature.

Step 3: Now on the Google Search Engine type “weight loss exercise for men GIF” and search it. Hindi search results you will get many web pages to click on any search result and download exercise gif.

Step 4: Recently you have downloaded the exercise if not put that GIF into the Canva frame, you can zoom in on that gif and put that exercise animated pictures in one frame.

Step 5: Now in the audio section there you will see a lot of free copyrighted free music which you can use in your videos.

How to Earn Money By Creating Weight Loss Animated Shorts Videos on YouTube?

Recently we have told the trick about how you can create exercise of weight loss related animated videos on canva now upload that videos on your YouTube channel and in the YouTube video description box put your affiliate link of weight loss products.

Website Link:

You can use ClickBank, digistore24, Flipkart, or Amazon affiliate marketing program if you are uploading videos related to weight loss, put weight loss-related products on this affiliate program and put that link in your video’s description.


Friends this is an amazing trick of 2022 for making money through YouTube short videos I hope that you have understood how to create weight loss Animated short videos for YouTube and how you can earn money through this method.

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