How to Earn Money by creating News video on Youtube through Lumen5?

Hello freinds today i am going to share an amazing Trick if Uploading news videos on Youtube to grow youtube channel within One Month. So as we all know that nowadays Ukraine News was most trending news in whole world, we are also targeting this news as well few other trending news.

What is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a best video editing platform which convert your text into video format. Lumen5 is AI ready paltform which will automatically help you genrate whole video for Youtube and social media platforms.

Here’s a simple video I made from a previous Small Business Trends post while testing the product for this review.

How to Earn Money From Lumen5?

So freinds first visit to google search and choose few trending news article about Ukraine and then copy all the text to create news.

Now you have to visit at Lumen5 website and create your account by filing signup form then you have choose one template and then paste your news text which we recently copied from news website.

Website Link:

Note: To start creating your video, you’ll be asked to enter a link to a news article or blog post and the platform’s AI system will automatically convert your post into a video.

This is where you start. Enter the link of the news article or post you want to turn into a video.

Lumen5 will automatically pick blog content and place it on the board. You then select the content you want to appear in the video.

For Thumbnails Website Link:

Once you summarize and add the text you want to be featured, you will be asked to drag and drop media from the Library field and add it as a background image. You can also add your own watermark, logo, and include a call-to-action.

Select important keywords, then click the “A” icon to highlight them. You can break up long sentences. Place the cursor where you want to split and press Enter. Once you have edited your video, simply click on Save in the top right corner of your screen.


Lumen5 makes it easy for businesses, marketers and brands to create videos at scale. The video creation process is very simple and you can create a video within minutes. However, the rendering process takes a few minutes to complete.

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