How to Earn Money by Copy-Paste Method on

Hello Friends in this Article I will tell you how you can make more than $500 Monthly by simply doing an easy Copy-Paste article writing Method. I know I have had earlier posted a lot of articles regarding copy-paste work but this article will provide you with another level of information.

If you have daily 20-30 minutes then it’s enough time to work on this strategy. Today I’m going to share an amazing Article Writing website where you can publish your article.

What is is an American-based website where people post their articles and Thoughts, frankly speaking, the website has a Huge number of Traffic from High Tier Countries so with the help of List.Ly we will publish the copy-pasted article.

How to Earn Money From

There are 3 simple steps to earn money from, and for this, we are going to use 3 Websites that can help us to Earn $500 Monthly, so let’s move forward.

Step 1: The Very first step is to visit the official website of which Link was given below.

Website Link:

Step 2: Then click on the signup button enter your mail address and Credentials and then register on the

Step 3: Now on the website you can publish Your Articles for free. So it’s time to publish some Copy-Paste work Articles.

Step 4: Now for the Article visit the Ezinearticles website, bcoz this website is the Hub of the Article. So in the Category section choose Heath & Fitness and find some articles.

Website Link:

Step 5: Now Copy The Title from the Ezinearticles website and paste it on the website title section, then copy Content and paste it on the description box.

Note: You can Directly Add your Amazon Or Affiliate Program Link in the article.

Step 6: Add Some Images and Also do add some paragraphs in the article and then put your affiliate link on it.


I Hope guys through this method you can earn a lot of money, because if you got 2-3 sales in the month then believe me your earnings would be more than $200-300 through the website.

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