How to Earn Money by Converting Text To Video through Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a web-based tool which allows you to modify videos in various formats for social networks. it’s even synchronized directly with YouTube in order to upload them to the platform. Lumen5 is extremely easy to use. It’s required to duplicate the URL of the article that needs to convert it into video or load the text directly.

After that, Lumen5 will organize the text for each part of the video. Then, it’s up to you to go through it, alter it, modify it, and a couple of minutes later, you’ll have an uploaded video that you can post it to social networks.

The tool offers an enormous amount of customizable options for videos. You can change the type of text it appears in, its color, and place within the video and also add music, videos, and images. One thing I like regarding Lumen5 is the fact that it has royalty-free pictures video and music which means that when I use it, I can guarantee that I’ll be protected from penalty for copyright on any social media platforms.

While Lumen5 offers a wide range of customisation options, it seems to be a bit limited, and in the end, all of the videos show yourself with the same appearance.

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But Lumen5 lets me quickly edit videos for my viewers and is an excellent choice. those who are considering this product. Lumen5 is a fantastic online application to quickly edit videos as well, and I would recommend it to everyone, users who want to maintain a constant flow through their social media networks. It’s easy to use and extremely intuitive, as well as visually attractive.

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If you enjoy editing short videos for social media, particularly when they are an option to elevate my content to a higher level. I accomplish this using Lumen5 without difficulty. Lumen5 is a great video recorder that is easy to use. It offers a variety of customization options and lets you modify every frame to fit my personal preferences.

Lumen5 is a multimedia library that includes royalty-free videos, images and audios. This means that I can use my imagination without having to worry about copyright and without causing me any difficulty in searching for other banks for multimedia that are third-party. I can include different kinds of text, like titles, quotes or phrases to any video when I think it appropriate, and also alter the position of the text within the video, the colors, and much more.

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