How to Earn Money by completing surveys on the Panelstation site?

So friends in today’s article I am going to sharing two websites which are always being in trend. You can also say this website as “sadabahar” because this website are truly legit.

The all to website which I am telling you are our life on internet for many years. Also I have created videos on this both websites into my YouTube channel so if you want to see that videos please check out my YouTube channel.

Best part of this websites are this is Indian based website so definitely you can withdraw your all money Directly into your Paytm account.

What is PanelStation?

The panelstation is basically a Survey based site where you will get some task through that you will get some rewards which you can convert into your paytm money. Many of peoples can’t be able to complete the Survey so in this article I am also going to share my cigarette trick that how you can complete the surveys.

What is Toluna Influencer?

Show the another website is toluna influencers this is also very similar like panelstation because both this website will provide you some surveys which you have to complete and then you will get rewards which you can widrawl into your Paytm Account.

How to Earn Money by Solving Survey?

So the first thing you have to do is visit the official website of panelstation or toluna influencers which link is given below.

Website Link:

So the very first thing you have to do is your account on board to website so firstly I am going to sign up and entering my personal details in panel station website after that I will click on create account button then you have to login successfully into that website dashboard.

Website Link:

Now this website will ask you few questions so when you are giving answers do you remember that that answers will help you after solving captcha now you are thinking what I am talking about so let me explain you.

So After clicking on survey option now there are a lot of surveys in front of me now I am simply choosing or completing any one survey then and the answers of questions I have given earlier that questions will come and they will ask me the same answer so I should remember that answers and I will put that answer cs and click on submit button so the capture was successfully completed this is my personal diary to solving captcha successfully.

And how to work on this website I have created and detail video on my YouTube channel so you also watch that video so it will be more easier to understand things about how you can earn money by solving captcha and getting money into your Paytm wallet.


I hope guys this article will be the best article of my website because the many of peoples where doing wrong thing after solving surveys they are not giving the answers that’s why their survey isn’t completed successfully.

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