How to earn money by captcha solving from SatoshiTap website?

Friends, today I am going to show you the most simple job in the world which is typing a captcha, that you simply have to complete 1,000 captchas every day and can earn as much as 100 rupees.
Today, I’m going to let you know about a website for typing captchas that is completely authentic and offers each day as many as 200Rs doing Captcha work.

What is SatoshiTap website?

Friends daily captcha is a website that uses captcha which allows you to complete the task of capturing which will earn you rewards for doing it. For instance, when you complain about 1,000 times, you’ll get $1.3 in your account and when I convert this currency into INR, you will earn 96 rupees from doing 1000 captcha.

How do you earn money by using the SatoshiTap website?

If you’re looking to earn money through an everyday captcha-based work site first, you must go to the satoshitap website then just click on the homepage there will be login and signup buttons. Click on the signup link and fill in your email address and create a password, then click on the create account button.

Website Link:

Utilizing an email account and password, log to your SatoshiTap site dashboard. If you have completed any captcha your earnings should be visible on your dashboard on the homepage of the SatoshiTap website.

You will now see a captcha option, click it, take a few seconds, then enter the captcha code and hit”Submit captcha. On the next screen, you will see several advertisements. You have to click on one of them then you’ll find a time limit of 10 seconds, and after 10 seconds you’ll be automatically redirected to the SatoshiTap dashboard of their website.

Scroll down the entire page, you’ll see the entire ad step 1 to 5 . Click it. Your first captcha has been successfully solved and the reward for completing one captcha was added to the SatoshiTap account on the website.

If we look at payment withdrawal, then at the bottom of the page you’ll find the minimum withdrawal amount is just $1. Once you have the payment of $1 to your wallet you are able to withdraw your funds into your Paytm as well as your PhonrPe account effectively.


Daily captcha website is a genuine website that allows you to easily do work for money and even earn on it. I’m sure that this is the best ever because you’ll immediately receive the money directly to your Phuacet Pay bank account if you’re a student looking for captcha work to be completed this website is designed for you to go and get to work.

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