How to Check Mobile IP Address: Ultimate Master Guide

Nowadays most people have started using the internet. You can access the Internet with your mobile, laptop, computer, tablet, or any other device. Just that device should be internet-supported so that you can easily browse the internet.

Have you ever wondered how your Internet Service Provider (ISP) bears in its memory so many devices? The answer is an IP address that’s complete form is an Internet Protocol Address?

Whenever you access the Internet, the IP address plays an important role. Each device that is connected to the Internet has its unique IP address. DARPA invented iPv4 address in the early phase of the Internet, but due to the rapid growth of the Internet, the new generation IPv6 was also introduced.

IPv4 works on an older system called Key 32 bit, and IPv6 works on a newer system called Key 128 bit. IPv4 address is written as , whereas IPv6 is written as 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:8:1

If you want to know How to Check Mobile IP Addresses, then First you have to understand what is an IP address which I have told you Above, but You also have to know How many types of IP addresses are available.

Types of IP addresses (Internet Protocol Address)

Public IP Address – Public IP Address is used outside of any network. Public IP Address is given by your ISP (Internet service provider) So that you can communicate with other servers.

Because your ISP assigns it, you cannot change or edit it. Public IP Address is your device’s primary address, and using this address, the ISP and the rest of the internet can know who you are.

Private IP Address – This IP address is used inside the network. It is used in LAN (Local area network). Each device in a network has its own unique private IP address.

This IP address is used when you connect your device to WIFI or any other device so that your Wi-Fi module or any other device can understand what your device is and how to communicate with your device. You can manually assign a Private IP address for your device, or another device will automatically set a Private IP address for you.

Static IP Address – If a device does not support DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Then that device IP is manually assigned, which is called a static IP address. This IP address is called an invalid IP address. Once this address is given to a device, then You cannot change it. By using this IP address, any device can be known better because this IP can only be assigned once.

Dynamic IP Address – These IP addresses are assigned by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This address changes from time to time, i.e., this IP address never remains the same.

How to Check Mobile IP Address iPhone and Android

If you want to know your IP address, So there is a total of 4 ways available. Below you can Read all ways to check your device’s IP address easily. All the methods are tried & tested on Xiaomi Redmi 4X with Android 7. If you are using the latest version of android And if your device has a different UI, you can search on google according to your device, but this method is usable in every version of Android.

1.How to Check Mobile IP Address using Settings in Android

Firstly open Your Android Smartphone’s settings.
Now click on Wi-Fi settings.
Connect to Wi-Fi because It is important if you did not connect to Wi-Fi, You cannot know your IP Address.
After connecting to Wi-Fi, Click on “Additional Settings”.
Scroll down to the bottom, Here you can get Your IP Address.


Open Your Android Smartphone’s settings.
Click on “About Phone”.
You have To connect to Wi-Fi First, Then you can know your IP address.
Now Click on “Status”.
Scroll down, Here you can check your IP Address, MAC Address, etc.

2.How to Check Mobile IP Address in iPhone

On your iPhone, open Settings.
Click on Wi-Fi Settings.
As Android in iPhone, You also have to connect to Wi-Fi or Mobile Portable HotsPot.
Tap on the connected Wi-Fi to know more information.
Here you can see your iPhone’s IP Address.

How to Check Mobile IP Address Using some Websites

If you want to know your public IP address, I will tell you a trick with the help of which you can know your public IP address. Let me show you how. You can know your public IP Address. Every time you use the internet on your device or visit any website, only your public IP address is visible to that website. Below I have given the addresses of some websites, with the help of which you can know your public IP address.

What is My IP address

IP2 Location
IP Location

How to Check Mobile IP Address Using Application

You can use some applications available on Play Store or App Store to know your Public IP Address. You will get these applications for free at these stores. By installing which you can know your public IP address. Below I have given some applications for you, which you can install by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

For Android

What is my IP address
IP Checker

IP Address Checker

How to be Safe on The Internet

You must be using the Internet a lot in your everyday life. With the help of your IP address, any person can know your exact location. It is not at all suitable for those who keep their privacy above all. If you want your privacy not hurt in any way, you can hide your IP address with the help of a VPN or use the Tor browser.

What is a VPN

The complete form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. Your IP address changes when you connect your device to a VPN. That means, whatever you search for something on the Internet by putting a VPN, then the VPN company’s server comes between you and the 3rd party server, whatever you search on the internet it will go to the VPN provider’s server first from the 3rd party server, after that your device will get the information, This means that the IP of your device will be changed with the IP of the VPN provider. No one will know your IP Address or location.

What is Tor Browser

Tor browser is an open-source privacy browser with the help of which you can hide your internet identity. If you are doing any personal or essential work and do not want your ISP or government to track you, you can use tor browser. If you’re going to use the TOR browser on your mobile or a computer, you can download it by visiting

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