How to check JIO Number: Ultimate Guide

Reliance Jio is India’s largest telecom operator. After the arrival of Jio in 2016, the Indian telecom industry has completely changed. Jio has attracted more customers due to its low-budget plans, which increased Jio’s userbase and became India’s largest telecom industry.

It is a big deal for a new company to get so many subscribers like JIO. JIO had dominated the telecom industry for a short time. Along with its cheap 4G internet, JIO also provided free SMS, free calling to its subscribers. That’s why JIO got so many subscribers in a short time.

You can avail of the services of JIO in both prepaid and postpaid. In both, JIO has given good facilities Affordable 4G internet, SMS, calling and subscription of JIO apps, all these are provided to you in all plans of JIO.

If you are also using the services of Jio for a long time or if you are a new user of Jio and have forgotten your Jio number or due to some reason you cannot remember your Jio number. Then this guide on “How to check JIO Number” can solve your problem.

So now you don’t have to worry about this problem because here we will tell all ways to check the JIO Number from any smartphone or 4G feature phone.

Here we will tell you five ways using which you can quickly know the JIO SIM number. These ways are working & based on the official website of JIO. We can know our JIO Sim number using its official App, SMS, or by Call. So let’s move to the tutorial.

How to check JIO Number By a Call

Using your smartphone’s call service, you can know your mobile phone number. You only have to call on 1299 and have to wait sometime.

Using that number, you can know your mobile number. You can know your pack details on it, and you can also learn when your plan validity expires. Below are details about how to use 1299.

  • Open your Phone’s Dial pad and type 1299 and make a call on that number.
  • When the Call will be connected the call will automatically be disconnected.
  • After Some time a message will arrive on your smartphone.
  • Open that SMS.
  • Here you can see your mobile number on that SMS.

How to check JIO Number using USSD code

USSD is another way to know your JIO number. Many codes don’t work, but here, We will tell you about some principles that will 100% works on any smartphone with a JIO SIM. Below are Some codes that you can use to get your JIO number.

You can send an SMS on 199, You have to type “Jio” to 199, and after some time JIO team will send you your mobile number.

Open your dial pad and type *1# and run the USSD code. if the code will run properly then your number will be shown to you on your smartphone using that USSD code.
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Note:- After getting your mobile number, don’t forget to remember it or note it somewhere So that you don’t need to face this problem in the future.

How to know JIO Number using My Jio App

JIO also has its official app. You can know your mobile number Using its official App. If you have already installed the My JIO application and it already login So you can know your mobile number on that application.

If you didn’t log in on My Jio, it would be difficult for you because you cannot log in on My JIO without the mobile number.

You have to log in on My Jio using your mobile number. If you have applied the above two methods or they worked fine for you and you wanted to Log in on My Jio, then you can follow below a Step-by-Step Guide on How to install My JIO:-

On your smartphone, open Google Play Store or Apple App Store

  • On the search bar search “My Jio”.
  • On the new page, click Install My Jio.
  • After installing My Jio open it and enter your 10 digit Jio SIM number.
  • Wait until the OTP arrives, if OTP will arrive it will be automatically filled on the required position.
  • Using My JIO, you can see your JIO sim number, plan details, coupons, vouchers, validity, etc.

How to know JIO Number using SMS

It is another most straightforward way to know your Jio number. In this method, you only have to send an SMS from your registered mobile number to 199. let me show you how you have to send SMS to that number.

Open the SMS app on your Smartphone.

  • Now type “MYPLAN” (In capital letter without any Spaces) and send it to “199”.
  • Wait for some time, A message will arrive on your smartphone.
  • Open the SMS, Here you can see your mobile number, plan validity, etc.
  • How to know JIO Number By calling Customer Care
  • You can call the Jio customer care executive to get your Jio number. Below you can see a step-by-step guide on how to deal with customer care and how to know your jio number.
  • Firstly open your smartphone’s dialer and call 198.
  • Now the bot will ask you to choose your language, select your preferred language.
  • Now press the required buttons to connect to Jio’s customer care executive, When the call will be connected ask them about your Jio number.
  • Now the customer care executive will ask for some details to verify it’s really you.
  • Once the details will be verified, the customer care executive will tell you your registered mobile number.

How to check JIO Number By calling someone

IF you don’t want to use all the above ways, you can use this method to know your mobile number.

It will work on any Sim. You have to call someone who can tell you your mobile numbers like your friends or family member in this method. Once you get your mobile number, don’t forget to remember it or note it.

How to check JIO Number in Jio Phone

If you use Jio Phone to communicate with someone, but you forget your Jio phon’s number and want to know what it is, you can try all the above methods on your Jio phone. If you don’t want to use them, you can read the process to know the Jio phone number below.

  • On your Jio phone Open “Settings”.
  • Scroll Right to the “Device” section.
  • Scroll down and select “Device Information”.
  • Here you can see your Jio Phone’s mobile number, Now note down it.

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