How can you earn money from

At this point, we are in a bull market of the cryptocurrency market is over. This means that prices won’t be soaring as high as it did earlier in the year. Could there be another bull run? I don’t really know.

In the meantime we must always seek other options. There are some that we pay for the moment, but they could suddenly shut down. The next one, is another faucet for cryptocurrency that I have recently tested. We hope that they will stay around for a while.

What is

I’m not even sure the way I came across this website. The majority of the time, this kind of faucet is from the same manufacturer of a faucet with an instant release that I’ve previously tried. I haven’t been able to locate them in the list of websites from But, I have received payment almost every day.

Website Link:

How can you earn money from

Once we have signed into our account On the Dashboard you must select FAUCET in the menu. If you scroll down there will be an automated captcha solution from Solve Media. It is necessary to input the given word as the correct answer to get it solved.

Just below the captcha mechanism We can see three boxes with numbers or words. They are part of part of the AntiBot system. To pass through, we must hit them one at a time in the exact order in the same order as the instructions in the above captcha.

Website Link:

1. Daily Achievement

Presently, also offers more rewards if we make multiple times using their faucet. You can get this reward through the EARN MORE menu, and then from the dropdown select ACHIEVEMENTS.

2. Earning Rate and Comparisons

For each claim, we’ll get fifty Fly Coins. What is the actual value? You can figure this out via the Dashboard. If we look at the Withdraw section of the Dashboard it will state the 1 Fly coin is equal to 2 satoshi. To make it more precise that is the equivalent of 2 satoshi from Litecoin which is also called LTC.

3. Paid to Click (PTC)

Paid to click is another source of income on The method it works is that you click on advertisements, look at them for a few seconds, and then hopefully solve some captchas, and earn cash.

4. Referral Program

There is a method to transform from an active earnings program into an income source that is passive. It’s done through the referral feature, and earning referral commissions.


That’s all I can tell you regarding which is a faucet for crypto program. Perhaps I’ve missed something, and you have a question about it, or you’d like to share your experiences, views, opinions, please make use of the comment box below.

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