How to Earn Money Online Without Uploading Own Videos on Rumble?

Hello Freinds, Do you know that like Youtube there is also a lot of Online Video Sharing platfroms available on internet where you can upload videos and earn money through it, but the amazing thing is you can also earn money through Rumble without uploadin own content can you belive it? I guess your answer might be no but dear yes you heared it very right, Rumble do monitize your Copied Content too, So what are you waiting for lets talk about how rumble works.

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What is

There’s a new site named Rumble that lets users make money from their videos using an easy platform. According to Redditor messm10, he posted an online video and received an email that said he’d be paid $125 for the video.

How to earn money on

Each video hosting site comes with its own set of different rules of monetization, and Rumble follows the same rules. The benefit of Rumble however, is that it gives users the ability to choose the amount they’re willing to pay for monetization. Below are some possibilities for those who want to earn money on Rumble:

Users will have to give all right to Rumble in exchange for a profit of as much as 90% the money the video earns on YouTube in addition to an additional 60% of the money the video earns with other companies.

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Users retain the ownership rights over the videos and make up to $500 profits. This gives Rumble the non-exclusive right to the video, where Rumble and its partners are able to utilize it, but the uploader retains ownership of the video.

Naturally, this isn’t an option that the majority of people would like, particularly in the case of trying to earn money off by selling footage stock.

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There’s a different way to earn money with Rumble. Users can earn $0.25/day simply by tagging videos. The maximum is of five videos per day for $0.05 per film. As per Rumble’s official website Rumble Official Website, there’s some other options that users can explore for free.

Which Videos will be Monitized on

While YouTube has some very strict rules, Rumble on the other is more simple. It is believed that those three notecards are the only thing that Rumble is looking for , and the more stringent these requirements are, the greater the chance of making money from users’ videos.


So friends belive me is one of the best way to earn money online in 2022, So dont waste your time and start uploading videos on to make huge money for free.

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