Captcha Typing work from OnlineDataEntryJob Review

In this blog post is full of readers If you’ve visited this page to see whether you’re on the right track to find out if OnlineDataEntryJob site is legitimate or a scam You’ve come to the right page.

What is OnlineDataEntryJob?

It’s a website for freelancers, which promises you Captcha work or an ad-posting job or copy-paste job. To be an Captcha assistant, you’ll be required to pass the Captcha test, where you will be given a task to type according to your speed at Captcha.

Even if you aren’t capable of passing this Captcha test, they’ll provide you with work once you’ve completed the test with the Captcha. The website makes money through Adsense’s services. Adsense which is a US company, as Adsense displays AIDS on their website.

OnlineDataEntryJob Honest Review

If I advise you based on what I have found, the site is most likely an Scam website. If the site earns money with the help of a third party, we will be able to make money. Additionally, on this site there is no way to contact.

Website Link:

The bottom of the page has the contact button. when you click it, a contact form will open. There is no physical address or number for them. This is an obvious indication of that this website is fraudulent. website.

To ensure Captcha people would like you to remain on their website since the longer you stay on their site , the more they’ll earn.


This is a fraud website. If you’re employed by the site do not take on the task since your time will be a waste and that’s it. Also, if you suspect that any of your family members or relatives are employed by the same industry, don’t allow them to work there.

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